Moz at Carnegie Hall!


Last night I went to see Morrissey at  Carnegie Hall with Alison. I’m so glad she had an extra ticket because I probably wouldn’t have gone to see him on this tour. The tickets were kind of expensive and I was going back and forth as to whether I wanted to go, tickets went on sale, I hemmed and hawed and then I regretted not getting tickets. But anyway, I got to go! This was his third show in NYC on this tour (he played Bowery and Webster Hall before Carnegie). It was a pretty subdued show as far as Morrissey shows go but that shouldn’t be surprising since it was at Carnegie Hall and we were seated waaaay up in the balcony (the sound was pretty good tho!). What made this way exciting for me was the fact that I was able to sneak in some photo taking! Every Moz show I ever went to did not allow cameras and they checked pretty thoroughly. I used to sneak in a camera in my skirt back in th early 90’s (such a rebel I was back then! HA!) but since I always went up front, dealing with the mosh of people while trying to take pictures did not produce very good photos (imagine a tiny lopsided image of Morrissey in the corner of a shot or a photo of Morrissey’s chest – no head – just chest) . No photo or video taking is allowed at CH but they didn’t check my bag at all! But because we were far up in the balcony, the images weren’t as sharp as I would have liked. But better than nothing!! I also bought a tour shirt.

I didn’t document the set list because I’m sure someone did and could be easily found on the internet. I do remember he opened with This Charming Man and encored with First of the Gang to Die, played a lot from his current album, Years of Refusal, played How Soon is Now and Death of a Disco Dancer…I wished he played some early Morrissey stuff! I was hankering to hear Last of the Famous or Everyday is Like Sunday. Oh well. He came out in a tuxedo (it was Carnegie Hall after all!), he changed his shirt several times and took off his shirt several times! At one point, he came onto the stage with a baby/toddler in his arms (like on the cover of his new album). I joked that Sienna could have played that role perfectly and why didn’t I know about the casting call? The boy’s name was Sebastian too! I didn’t get a photo of that because it happened too fast.

Ok so before these next photos, I want to state for the record that I’ve never been sexually attracted to Morrissey (although I do think he’s become quite handsome as he has gotten older – not bad for someone turning 50 in May!). My fantasy relationship with him was always me being a close confidante of his. He does have a certain charisma, which is what got me obsessed with him after seeing him for the very first time in the early 90’s at Jones Beach – and I was far away at that show too! Anyway, this next photo he took off his shirt and I was so taken by surprise that I snapped so fast and the camera didn’t have time to focus. I thought it was funny!
He’s looking at me!!!
The full band (I think)

Moz Encore CH from Lisa on Vimeo.


Warning! Mushy mother stuff in this post!

As each day passes, I feel more and more grateful and thankful and lucky that I have this time to spend with Sienna. She is such a good girl and a marvel and a wonder and she has helped me stop and look at life instead of just whizzing on by it. It is so amazing to see her grow and learn and to just be. Of course not everyday is all sunshine and roses! There might be times I want to scream out loud (or even quietly) or times I wish to be left alone to craft or shop or just laze around. I am not a saint after all! But honestly, I can’t see my life without Sienna. And I look forward to crafting with her and shopping with her and just being lazy with her. Being a parent is really fucking hard but as the cliché goes – it is worth every minute of it. And you really don’t truly understand it until you become a parent yourself. And it might not be evident right away either. It really is becoming more apparent lately. I guess because she is becoming more of a personality and we are beginning to see ourselves in her or maybe it’s just that the initial shock of becoming a parent is starting to wear off. HA!

I’m mostly writing this post as a reminder to myself for those days I might want to scream or want to be left alone to craft or shop or just be lazy (or when she becomes a teenager and I wonder what I have gotten myself into all over again – shudder!!!) And to remind myself that there are those out there that are not as fortunate. I know this little girl whose mother probably needs a reminder like this. I may not know the whole story but from where I can see, this mother doesn’t seem to spend more than a couple of hours (if that) with her daughter on a daily basis. Understandable for a single working mother. But then she shuffles off her child to someone else to take care of every weekend. Every weekend!  I don’t know when she spends any significant time with her own daughter. That is sad. I don’t think she realizes she’s missing the wonder and amazement and excitement of seeing your own flesh and blood develop into a real person. To see your child mimicing what you are doing and want to be like you. To see her learning and seeing your morals being instilled – and carried out! – by her. Hopefully one day soon she will realize what she is missing and change her attitude and realize you can’t pick and choose when you want to be a mother to your daughter. And hopefully this little girl won’t get tired of waiting for her mother to be her mother. This reminds me of a sad story told to me by some other moms. They were in the playground with their kids one day and a little girl came up to them practically begging for food because she was so hungry. It turns out her mother was busy making out with her boyfriend on the bench to pay her any attention! The unfortunate aspect of both these situations is it’s the little girls that will be suffering the most and that makes me cry.


Uh, happy spring?

This is what greeted us when we woke up this morning! Uh, Happy Spring!
But it cleared up by the time we headed to the library. Still no sun tho! And just this past Wednesday it was 60 degress and Sienna was happily swinging in the playground (on a big kid swing too!)

Edited to add: the sun did come out later! Right around 2ish.

Recent Creations

This week I haven’t much mojo in the creating department (only bits of crocheting) but the last couple of weeks I was doing well! First off, I made another photo pendant for Starr’s birthday, as I mentioned here. This is only the 2nd time I did a double pendant. I hope she will wear it and help test it out for me! I’m still not completely satisfied with the whole thing (process/outcome) but just have to keep at it in order to find a solution.

And here are some swaps. The Zakka Cherry Blossom swap was actually last month or so. I had such trouble with it! Turns out lots of people did and my partner enlarged her pattern! Wish I thought to do that! Mine came out bad and I was too frustrated with it to try again so I  felt bad for my partner and I included lots of other goodies for her. She has yet to rate me on this but I’m not pushing her since I know it was so bad!
Here it is shown closed and the inset photo shows the bottom. And here is what I received!
So much nicer!
Here’s another sewing swap for an Origami bag. While this came out better than the Zakka Cherry Blossom bag, I still wasn’t super happy with it! My partner likes mermaids.
I also made her a business card holder in matching fabric (which I want to make for myself as well but in different fabric!)
She gave me a heart and said she loved them! Whew! Here’s the one I received! Pretty cute!
And I hosted a crochet/knit potholder swap and this is what I sent to my partner. (I should be receiving mine soon!) My partner likes cats. I also included a dark green heart potholder that I did not take a photo of. Her fave color is dark green.
One of the bookmarks I made for a bookmark swap. This one is using crochet thread (you do not even want to see what I got in return! I swear, looks like it took her less than 5 minutes to do! So disappointing! UGH!)
And here are a couple of things I made for the Unbirthday swap #5. (Remember the stuff I got here?) My partner likes knights, Superman and Greenman.

And remember the owl stuffie I spoke about in exchange for doing the carved Geill stamps? Here it is! I am so in awe of these stuffies and have not ventured into doing one yet…

Bike Try #1

Saturday we made a quick stop at Toys R Us to pick up a bike helmet for Sienna before going to the playground and lunch at Five Guys (see Yves’ post on that). We got back later than usual so putting her down for a nap was unsuccesfful so we went outside to try her bike and helmet! We stayed out for about an hour. I think it will take a few tries before Sienna can really get the bike.
The helmet is a little too big so it helped to have her hat on underneath.
Yves did a lot of pushing
Skippy hung out in the car
Yves was making a few adjustments on the bike so Sienna strolled away
Sienna came back to give some assistance
Forget the bike! Look at the cool tools!
And going back to pushing the carriage! She loves pushing that thing!
Please leave a comment or e-mail me for the password!

First Bike Try from Lisa on Vimeo.

Sienna is 2!!


Yesterday was Sienna’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe how time flies! We did not have a big blowout party for her (I will not feel guilty! I will not feel guilty!) but as usual, my parents bought her a cake from a chinese bakery. Can you believe they did not have Elmo but only Big Bird? Don’t these Asians know who Elmo is? Besides the fact that he is RED (considered a lucky color in the Asian community). In any case, I bought these little Elmo icing decorations at the craft store to put on there. Only 1 fit! The cake was a mixed fruit cake and while the actual cake was moist and soft and the icing wasn’t too sweet, they were really stingy with the fresh fruit! Damn recession! We bought her a Sesame Street Medical kit, little Ernie, Elmo and Cookie Monster figurines, a Little People tractor set and a Sesame Street coloring book and crayons (washable!) Yves has a cute video he took , see his blog here. My parents told me they were going to get her a tricycle but came back with a bigger bike with training wheels! I am not sure how fast she will learn to ride. We still have to get her a helmet. She was really excited for the bicycle!
Blowing out her candle
Where’s the fruit?
Her face is red from Elmo
My parents bought her a singing dogs birthday card that Sienna kept playing over and over again. Gee, thanks Mom and Dad!
Showing off her card
Excited for her bike!
We have to put air in the tires! Man, I am so not ready for this!

Carve mania!

The weekend before last I did some more carvings for 2 swaps. Well, one was for a tag on the Quality Crafts forum on swap-bot and one was a personal swap with Orit. Orit made some nice comments on my carves on flickr and when I went to check out her flickr stream, came across these delicious looking Israeli chocolates! A private swap was soon set up! I sent hers out on the 3rd of March and have not received word that she got them yet. I am pretty sure she doesn’t read my blog so will post the photos here.
She wanted something with either a bird or a tree. This was the first one I did. I finally tried out the PZ Kut. This is the A grade. I love it! I actually prefer the B grade, which is ever so slightly rougher surface, which I used for this stamp:
I just love how this one came out! I love the B grade so much, I placed another order! In my original order, I also ordered the A and B grade with the orange but have not tried it yet. I’ve read on other blogs that the orange gets a little blinding when you are carving.
Then on the swap-bot Quality Crafters forum, I joined in on a tag (someone lists a few items, you pick one you want and then you list a few items-I tagged someone for an owl stuffie, he will show up in a future post as he is just too adorable to leave out!) and someone tagged me for a personalized stamp carving. Her daughter’s name has a unique spelling, Geill (pronounced Jill), so you can imagine how hard it is to find personalized things! This is the first one I did (on grade A):
At the very last second, I slipped and made a tiny nick on the top of the G. I tried to ignore it but couldn’t so decided to carve another one (in a different font of course!). I did send both stamps anyway. This time I used grade B:
And because these blocks are thinner than the other ones I’ve used, I decided to mount them on some wood I’ve had for ages (for mounting rubber stamps before the invention of the acrylic blocks and EZ Mount).
A few weeks ago, at the last minute, on one of my ‘days’ off, I jetted out to midtown to check out a Japanese bookstore, Kinokuniya. It was such a last minute thing that I didn’t even tell Yves or my friend Pete, both of whom work within blocks of the bookstore (it was also a rainy and crappy day). I purchased 2 Japanese carving books and a carving block with images already printed on the block (I chose a frog for Sienna-I haven’t chosen to mar it yet!)
The 2 books is mostly just images to use for carving. Some are so cute! Here is my next carving venture, which I started yesterday. I think if I actually pull this through, it will be a miracle. I don’t know what I was thinking, there are so many details in it and tiny! Plus I’m not even a big fan of Marilyn Monroe! I just saw this image and it was screaming to be carved. Sigh….well, stay tuned! I’ll post the finished product sometime in the future!

The Zoo again!


This is about the 4th time we have taken Sienna to the Prospect Park Zoo. The last time was quite chilly and Saturday it was in the 60’s so it was much nicer. She is definitely more active and seemed to enjoy it even more than last time. I had wanted to do something special as a way to celebrate her birthday and was originally thinking of going to an indoor animal farm out on Long Island (White Post Farm) but I think the zoo was a better, closer option because of the weather. I’m trying not to feel guilty about not doing a special shin dig for her birthday. I’m telling myself that she’ll have lots of big blowout parties when she gets older. We also went to Golden Krust for lunch by the park. It was bad. I don’t know if it was just a bad day for the beef patty’s or if now we are used to better pattie’s but we’ll have to remember not to go back there again. The Golden Krust by us is far better!

Sienna pronounces this guy as “owww-wal”

Please leave a comment or e-mail me for the password!

Moooo! from Lisa on Vimeo.


Last week I had quite a bit of extra me time that I almost feel guilty, like I was abandoning Sienna! Of course, there was the Martha show on Wednesday that Yves was kind enough to take off for and take care of Sienna. See what they did here. Then on Thursday night, I went out with Starr (Nico’s mom and Sylvie’s too) and a few other moms to celebrate Starr’s birthday (hers is on the 11th, a day before Sienna’s!) sans kids! This was the first time I hung out with Starr without the kids. At first, it seemed so surreal! We went to St. Germain‘s for snacks and dessert. I ordered a side dish of ratoutoule (sp?) because I never had it before! (It didn’t look very appetizing when it came, like brown mush, but it was tasty!) Then we ordered 4 different desserts to share. YUM! I forgot my camera or else there would have been photos. UPDATE! Starr posted a couple of photos from the evening on her flickr here and here! From what I can remember, there was chocolate ganache, a pear/chocolate tart, chocolate tart and apple tart. And that is actually the order in which I liked everything. I had such a nice time with everyone and I’m going to convince Starr we should do this more often! (I’m sure I won’t have to twist her arm!)

Then Friday, my parents had lunch with Sienna and put her down for her nap while I went shopping with Jana (Emma and Leah’s mom)! This is also the first time we hung out sans kids! We went to Wendy’s for lunch (a special treat for both of us!) and then shopping at Kohl’s. We spent the whole afternoon doing that!

Saturday night we had date night (it’s usually Friday’s but since my father watched Sienna during the day, thought I’d give him a break-HA!). We went to Sahara’s on Coney Island Avenue. Each time we go (which is only a couple of times), we wonder why we come back. The food isn’t that great, mediocre at best and the crazy thing is, it was crowded! See Yves’ review here. We are sure to remember not to go back this time!

We went to the Prospect Park Zoo on Saturday. I’ll post pictures soon. I also have a bunch of crafts to share soon.


She’s lookiing right at me! Can she feel my craftiness?? LOL!

Yesterday I went to a taping of the Martha Stewart show! Woohooo!! Pete was kind enough to take the day off and go with me. We had to be there at 8:30 (yawn!). Once we got inside, it seems to be moving pretty smoothly, I didn’t feel like I was waiting around a lot (it could have been because I was in the wonderful company of Pete). Once we got inside the studio, we had to stay seated. It was a live taping! I didn’t know that! Her guests that day were Marcia Gay Harden, a woman from the stem cell research foundation and the owner of a sausage place on the Upper East Side. I was a little disappointed that we only got a free t-shirt (from the stem cell research foundation) but I kept telling myself I wasn’t there to score free stuff! But it sure would have been nice to get a sample of her wurst sandwich! It was making me so hungry!
Me and Pete in the waiting room filling out the release forms
Joey Cola, the warm up guy
The set!!!!
so many lights!
Oops! I forgot I had the camera on zoom!
That’s better! At our seats.
Pete pointing out the water tower on her set
This truck was giving out free White Castle sliders and hot cocoa. Of course, I had to partake!

We ended up going to midtown so I can check out Book-Off, the Japanese book store. We met Joy for lunch and ended up going to Comfort Diner. It was a nice day!

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