Last week I had quite a bit of extra me time that I almost feel guilty, like I was abandoning Sienna! Of course, there was the Martha show on Wednesday that Yves was kind enough to take off for and take care of Sienna. See what they did here. Then on Thursday night, I went out with Starr (Nico’s mom and Sylvie’s too) and a few other moms to celebrate Starr’s birthday (hers is on the 11th, a day before Sienna’s!) sans kids! This was the first time I hung out with Starr without the kids. At first, it seemed so surreal! We went to St. Germain‘s for snacks and dessert. I ordered a side dish of ratoutoule (sp?) because I never had it before! (It didn’t look very appetizing when it came, like brown mush, but it was tasty!) Then we ordered 4 different desserts to share. YUM! I forgot my camera or else there would have been photos. UPDATE! Starr posted a couple of photos from the evening on her flickr here and here! From what I can remember, there was chocolate ganache, a pear/chocolate tart, chocolate tart and apple tart. And that is actually the order in which I liked everything. I had such a nice time with everyone and I’m going to convince Starr we should do this more often! (I’m sure I won’t have to twist her arm!)

Then Friday, my parents had lunch with Sienna and put her down for her nap while I went shopping with Jana (Emma and Leah’s mom)! This is also the first time we hung out sans kids! We went to Wendy’s for lunch (a special treat for both of us!) and then shopping at Kohl’s. We spent the whole afternoon doing that!

Saturday night we had date night (it’s usually Friday’s but since my father watched Sienna during the day, thought I’d give him a break-HA!). We went to Sahara’s on Coney Island Avenue. Each time we go (which is only a couple of times), we wonder why we come back. The food isn’t that great, mediocre at best and the crazy thing is, it was crowded! See Yves’ review here. We are sure to remember not to go back this time!

We went to the Prospect Park Zoo on Saturday. I’ll post pictures soon. I also have a bunch of crafts to share soon.

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