June Creativeness

I am a firm believer that art heals so it’s on to getting crafty! Here are some things I made in June.

More beaded crochet bracelets for a swap.

Getting back into mail art!

Teacher gift and thank you card for Sienna’s 1st grade teacher.

A knotted necklace made out of t-shirt material that I learned from watching Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin on Creativebug. Doesn’t look nearly as good as her examples! And the pendant is a washer painted with some Pebeo paint and resin to coat, with a bail I made from wire.



2 months after losing Skippy, we lose Neo. He was close to 15 years old. I’ll always remember when we first got him, I think it was in 2000. We were supposed to get his sister too and was going to name her Trinity. We never ended up getting the sister (they lived in different places) because Yves got freaked out by Neo. He never grew up with cats so one day, when he came home from work, he found Neo on top of the refrigerator and he scared the shit out of him. LOL. Plus Neo slunked around so quietly and all of a sudden, he was right there, which also freaked Yves out. We put a bell on him for that reason. After awhile, he got used to Neo and we took the bell off. During his last months, he started losing weight. It seemed like all of a sudden he was all bones. When he started to poop outside his litter box, I knew it was time to get him to see the vet. We stopped taking him after the first couple of years because he needed tranquilizers before he could go. Even on tranquilizers he was still crazy. It said that in his chart! Crazy cat! So I made the appointment for a Tuesday (it was Saturday.) On Sunday afternoon, he was looking really bad, so I called the vet back to see if I could bring him in on Monday instead. I was able to change the date but then later that evening, he had what seemed like a seizure. The vet was closed at that point so I ended up taking him to the emergency animal hospital. It wasn’t very far away. While driving there, I could hear him breathing, albeit very shallow. I pulled right into the parking lot and as soon as I did that, I couldn’t hear his breathing anymore. It was as if he was saying “Fuck that shit, I ain’t seeing no stinking vet!”

I’ll miss him, especially during the cold months when he would actually act like a cuddly kitten and sit in my lap. Him and Skippy were never the best of friends but it seemed like he was tolerating him more and more during the last year or so. I wonder if he actually missed him. Now they are together.



Showing an interest in my food. He never gave a damn before! An indication of his downward spiral.

NeoSkippy2013 circa 2013 and now they are together again.

Father’s Day 2014

Happy Father’s Day! Sienna got him a mug from her school sale!

Sterling Forest State Park

Hiking at Sterling Forest State Park . We’ve been here a few times. We tried a different trail this time and it was a lot more bushy. It was hot during this hike and I was whiney and getting bitten by bugs so there are not many photos. Sienna ended up with a tick but we found it in time! Whew! Thankfully, our friend Brian told us that there are a lot of ticks there, that is why we checked. Now we check after every hike, no matter what.