Wire Wrap Addict

I had a groupon for Brooklyn Bead Box that I bought last year. I finally used it last month for a wire wrap ring class even though I had pinned a wire wrap ring tutorial on my pinterest. I like to take classe as you never know what tips and tricks you can learn and it’s focused time. No other distractions (except all the beautiful beads and jewelry that surrounds you!) Well, I loved the class! The teacher was super cool and the class was small (we were 3 and it goes up to 4). I think I made about 4 rings. The technique they taught was slightly different than the tutorial on my pinterest. At home I tried the tutorial and I like both ways. So, can you say addicted? Here’s the rings I made in class.
This was the very first ring I made. The stone was like 50 cents so I was ok with it if I screwed up. I think I did pretty well!
This stone was pretty big, that’s why there is wire across it as well. I have yet to wear this one. I’m ambivalent on this one.
I think this one is my favorite. I love that it’s not round and I like the colors.
I couldn’t resist this pink skull! This one is a little awkward as I wanted to make the skull look right side up, which means the holes are on the top and bottom. It’s easier to wrap when the holes are on the sides. I might do this one over as the bead is a little loose.

Here is what I made at home from the tutorial.
The stone is from the bead shop and I thought it would be fun to use a bright wire for it.
Bead from my stash. I really love how this one came out. I wear it the most, I think. Until the black started scratching off. I realized that the wire I used is square, as opposed to round, which I guess makes it more prone to scratches. The scratches are on the other side, I wanted to show the good side!
I made this pink stone ring for Sienna. She asked me to make her one after seeing all the rings I was making for myself. She still hasn’t worn it for more than 5 minutes!
The bee is a mood bead that I bought from beadaholique. I thought it would be fun, although I don’t know how accurately it reads your moods! HA!
I just made this ring today for a swap. I haven’t mailed it yet so I hope my partner is not reading this! The bead is actually a swarovski crystal button and it changes color depending on what it is reflecting.
And some earrings too:
Wire wrapped rhinestone chain around a ring. Got the idea from ornamentea. Their so sparkly and kinda fancy. Haven’t worn them yet!
These earrings are copied from the bookA Bounty of Bead and Wire Earrings that I got from the library. Lots of inspiration in the book.
And here is the last item, a wire wrapped pendant. I usually glue a bail to the back but thought this would be more interesting. I made this for a swap and my partner should be receiving it any day now. I hope she likes it.