Babble rocks!


Babble, a website/community for parents, totally rocks. This week alone there were two articles that I totally relate to and I thank the heavens I found this place. I practically cried out with a sigh of relief when I read Alone in a Crowd because that is me. Except for the part at the end. Sienna does get showered with attention when my friends are around but the problem is, they aren’t around that often! But that’s ok. It won’t be forever. And then today I read this one,  Read ‘Em and Weep. Yves noticeded that I haven’t been reading many books lately. I thought it was just because I don’t ride the train on a daily basis anymore, which is when I read. Now I basically stick to magazine articles and now I know why…I still have pregnancy brain! They say that won’t last either. That’s good to know!

The fun time

Several people (my neighbor, my hairdresser…) have told me that this was the best/fun time as far as Sienna is concerned, before they get too old and start being sassy to you. I do have to say, I really am enjoying her, she’s such a kick! She’s really showing some personality and within the past few days, does not stop gabbing! It’s really fun to see her interacting with the other babies in music class (and I hope to have her interact with more babies!) and getting excited with Skippy and even Neo. She’s crawling around like crazy and even trying to pull herself up. I can only imagine it would get more fun, when I can take her to places for older kids like Sesame Place or the Children’s Museum, etc. And when we can do crafts together! 🙂




she loves slippers!

Go Giants!

She also loves remotes so we gave her her own. An old universal with the batteries taken out.

Craft on!

Earlier this month I got another wooden shelf for Sienna’s room to get all the stuff off of her changing table. She’s getting taller and with her constant kicking, she’s kicking all the stuff off her table! Yves got a picture of me painting it.


And here it is up!

A close up detail:

And I don’t know if I ever showed the smaller shelf I painted:

Yves asked me to make something to hold Sienna’s mittens and hats to put by the door for the wintertime.

And he had to help me put the eyelet in since I couldn’t figure it out no matter how hard I banged on the hammer! (Turns out I was just doing it wrong.)

Here’s the one I made for Yves’ hats and gloves. And maybe I’ll put my one hat in there. I think the 2nd girl from the left looks like Britney Spears. LOL

And although this isn’t really crafty, more resourceful or gluttonous, depending on how you look at it! LOL. I made cranberry bars from the leftover sauce from Thanksgiving and potato/turnip pancakes also from the leftovers. They both turned out yummy!! I’m on a roll! And I will literally be rolling if I don’t stop this eating!



Gobble Gobble!


We had my parents over for Thanksgiving yesterday. We don’t really do a whole big deal but I wanted turkey so we ordered it from our favorite deli. They sell individual dinners with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mashed turnips, mixed vegetables and cranberry sauce. It was all very good although I wouldn’t have minded more turkey and less of the mashed stuff. I did like the turnips and was pleasantly surprised with the vegetables. I was afraid it was going to be peas and carrots.

(there was more turkey in here but it was already eaten!)

In the making


I made pumpkin pie for the first time and it was so easy and delicious! I also made whip cream and that was also so easy and delicious! No reason to ever buy cool whip or readi-whip again!

Thanksgiving Table 2007 from Lisa on Vimeo.



For some reason, Sienna is fascinated by the stereo/dvd player/Tivo and is always going over there. I cleaned off the dust and pushed back the playstation games so we have no worries when she heads over that way. The units are covered with the glass door. Grandma M bought this pretty dress for Sienna.

So fast!

It was only 2 weeks ago that I posted a video of Sienna’s first crawl in her crib. She’s really gaining speed! In music class these past 2 weeks, she’s moving all around the room, stopping by all the other babies to say hello. Last week when my mother in law was here, she came with us to class. I forgot my camera tho so no pics of that. She really enjoyed the class with Sienna. This week Yves is off so he went with us on Monday. I remembered the camera!

Yves and Sienna at Music Class from Lisa on Vimeo.

Also while my MIL was here, I went to the doctor’s and she watched Sienna last Tuesday. They are best buddies now. Sienna slept in her lap for 2 hours!! 2 hours!! She’s never slept on me or Yves for that long before. I guess grandma is really comfortable!! I think we might have even woken her up because we didn’t want it to interfere with her bedtime. We took her for a walk/shopping to S&D’s and it was dark by the time we got back at around 5.


She’s a Maniac!

I crocheted a pair of leg warmers for Sienna last week. Since I haven’t crochet in awhile, I kept it real simple. Just a grey pair, single crochet. I tried to make a cuff in the first few rows by using a small hook and then switching to a bigger hook but I don’t think that made much difference. Here’s a video of her demonstrating them for us (try to ignore her parent’s goofy singing but I know you’re not going to).

She’s a Maniac from Lisa on Vimeo.
Then we went for a walk over the weekend and put them to the real test. It was meant to go over her pants but because this particular outfit had a wider leg, I put it straight onto her leg. They were a tad too big as they kept falling off but am confident they would stay on over pants.

The gloves go with the hat she’s wearing in the below picture but they are too big for her hands. The hat is a little big too but it’s better than the gloves. And they can’t fall off and get lost.


Mix night

Wednesday night was the mixer and {gasp} I did not have a mix! I do plan to make one for November and put it online. Which I actually prefer to do now so I don’t have to use cds and waste paper! The majority of us met up for dinner at Mama’s. It was good! I had the grilled salmon, roasted carrots and beets (sliced thin so they were chip like YUM!) and bok choy. I wasn’t crazy about the bok choy because it was regular bok choy and baby bok choy is so much more tastier. Practically everyone else got the fried chicken and they gave you like 3 huge pieces! The bar we went to was The Back Room. It has a secret entrance and their decor is bordello like and they give you mixed drinks in tea cups and beer in mason jars. It was cute. I was impressed with the bathroom! Three stalls! It was really nice to catch up with everyone

Feed Me!

I made some butternut squash for Sienna last week after Liz and Mummy told me it’s pretty popular among babies. I found half a squash already peeled and seeded at Stop and Shop. I filled up more than 6 containers and 3 glass containers and I think the squash was less than $2! I also pureed some bananas for her too. She loves them both!



Grandpa feeding her squash on Saturday! And here’s the video!

Grandpa feeds Sienna from Lisa on Vimeo.

Here grandma is feeding her breakfast Sunday morning. In the video you can see Grandpa and Auntie Carol-Anne are on video chat with us!

Grandma feeds Sienna from Lisa on Vimeo.

I’m in trouble now!

1st Crawl on video from Lisa on Vimeo.

Now to learn to keep my mouth shut while taping! HA!

All in the Family

Grandma M is in town for 2 weeks and came in Friday night. She’s going to stay a week with Liz and the kids and then with us for a week. We had them over for lunch yesterday. This is the first time Sienna is hanging out with her cousins since June and a lot has changed since then! She’s really getting the hang of sitting up on her own and will probably start crawling any day now. She can get on all fours and crawl backwards but not forwards yet. And the way she sits up is by getting on all fours and pushing herself up into a sitting position. And she just started doing that, like this weekend! We’ll find her sitting up in her crib when we go get her in the morning.

Sienna kept lifting up her dress and showing us her goods so Liz went over to tickle her tummy.

The girls are munching on some chips and of course Skippy is not far behind, waiting for some crumbs to fall. He managed to get a few.

Poor Grandma! Sienna hasn’t seen her in person since April and only on the computer via video since then so she wasn’t used to seeing her in person!

Evidence of her sitting up and now she started to put her hand on the crib edge! Yves lowered the mattress that very day! (We tried to put her down for a nap after her afternoon bottle but no go and this is how Yves found her.)

Hanging out with her cousins Eli and Maia!

We were asking Maia to give Sienna bisou and she gave her a bunch of them. I have it on video and it’s very cute. It looks like Eli is forcing her but she’s just holding her head.

This might be my favorite picture of the day!

Sienna is getting ready to watch the very exciting Colts vs. Patriots game with her daddy.

Of course Sienna and Grandma started bonding near the end of the evening! And Grandma is finally able to hold Sienna without her crying just as she is leaving!

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