Up to date on crafts

This might end up being a big post so I can be up to date on the crafts I have done. Some date back to March, like this shirt I made for Sienna’s birthday!
Me and Sienna made this pirate hat and eye patch together as part of the monthly kit I signed her up for called Kiwi Crate. She loves getting the box in the mail!
I also made a few notecards that I’m showcasing each separately since they are all different. I had a lot of fun with these, using stencils, stamps and embossing folders.
This embroidery was for a swap via Wild Olive’s blog. My partner loves unicorns.
This was for a swap to carve a set of stamps to create a scene. My partner is a gardener.
I made this juggler stationery using a stencil I made with my Cameo machine.
This kit was for a DIY art-o-mat swap. Learn more about art-o-mat here. I provided materials to make a macramé bracelet and made a little booklet of instructions.
This is the outside of an egg carton decorated for the Easter Egg Hunt swap. I put little Easter themed items inside eggs. Unfortunately, I got flaked on for this swap!
A butterfly pendant
A faux dichroic glass pendant using Friendly Plastic. Looks a lot better in real life.
A felt skull keychain
A skull wire wrap ring
A t-shirt for Nico’s 6th birthday! Made with vinyl and Cameo.
A macramé bead bracelet for Sienna’s Pre-K assistant teacher.
A set of notecards for Sienna’s main Pre-K teacher.
The card I made for her
And the necklace I made her (the pendant is glitter, resin, vinyl)
Another faux dichroic pendant, I think I like it better smaller and with a focal point.
I did the same pendant again for a swap via Craftaholics Anonymous Summer Gift Exchange but I also made the cord. Her favorite colors are pink and black. I used the kumihino technique.
And finally, a nerd pendant. I was inspired by these awesome pendants and wrote out nerd myself and scanned it in.
Whew! I made it through! If you are still reading down here, thank you! I haven’t done much crafting in July but the month isn’t over yet. But don’t think I haven’t been creative! I’ve been taking Joanne Sharpe’s Letter Love class (part of my birthday present from the hubs) and getting into some zentangle with another Joanne, Joanne Fink.

Mickey Land

At the end of May, we took Sienna out of school for 3 days and headed down to DisneyWorld for 7 days. It was actually Yves’ idea to take her as I was willing to wait a couple more years! I booked a package via Jetblue and stayed at the Sheraton Vistana Villages, a condo/timeshare place. I wanted to get a place with a kitchen and separate bedroom and as long as you don’t answer the phone, you don’t get hassled about joining the timeshare. The place was really big! Had 3 pools and the one by our building had a slide and a pirate ship. Lots of fun.
We got a 3 day park pass so the first day we went to the Magic Kingdom. HOT! It was in the 90’s. Via my former boss, we signed up for a site called touringplans.com. It tells you how many people are going to be at the park on any given day. They also have plans on which rides to go on and in what order. We followed a plan somewhat in the beginning. And they were spot on when it said to go to Space Mountain first. Sienna LOVED that ride! As soon as it stopped, she asked if we could go on again! We did a few other rides and then met the newest “Princess” Merida from the movie Brave and learned some archery.
but the heat really took a toll on us. Everyone wanted to leave before it was even noon!! I rallied everyone to continue and convinced everyone that lunch would revitalize us. It did for a bit but not for long. I parked everyone in the shade, hoping it would help. I was just not ready to leave! Not at the price we paid for admission! It turns out that the spot we sat at was along the parade route. I convinced myself that if we at least stayed until the parade, I would feel fulfilled. Ok! Only an hour wait! It turned into an hour and a half but we had a good shady spot at least!
Sienna tired of waiting for the parade to start!
It starts!
The Beast! Sienna’s favorite princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast but Belle was facing the other side.
The 2nd day we went to Magic Kindgom started out well but then it started to pour by late morning. We were prepared with ponchos and had rented out a stroller (SO much easier to get around with one!!). She got to meet Jasmine and Aladdin as well as the White Rabbit.
The 3rd day we went to Animal Kingdom and I really enjoyed that park even tho there was more rain and by late afternoon, still didn’t really let up. They had the BEST roller coaster called Exhibition Everest that even goes backwards! Sienna really loved that one and we went on twice!
This rhino was scratching his nose with the truck we were in during the safari ride
And we met Goofy and Daisy
Sienna even won a giant dragon playing one of the games!
We also visited some family friend’s of Yves, The Simmons.
Dinner at Carrabas with Auntie Margo and Uncle Denis.

All in all, a very nice family vacation!