Where’s Sienna?



Sienna is really starting to get into playing Peek A Boo. Sometimes she’ll start the game during the middle of having her bottle. It just cracks me up that she gets the concept of the game. Plus it makes her laugh so much! I know my friend Pete will really get a kick out of this video I took of a recent game, more from my sillyness than anything Sienna is doing!

Peek A Boo! from Lisa on Vimeo.

Dim Sum Sans Sienna

Saturday, me and Yves went to Dim Sum at the Golden Unicorn. This is our first outing together, into the city, without Sienna. We’ve been out without Sienna but usually remained in Brooklyn, a quick walk or car ride from her. My parents were watching her and I honestly was not worried about her. Pete brought Meredith with him, whom we have not seen for a couple of years! Aaron and his wife Drea came, whom we have not seen in over a year and Brenda and Lynn came. Don’t worry, I saw Brenda last month! haha! Anyway…

Meredith was a total dim sum newbie so of course we teased her with the delights of Chicken Feet. Newbies are usually grossed out about this (and oldies too as Yves has yet to try it) and she already proclaimed at the beginning of the meal that she was not going to partake in the eating of Chicken Feet.
That’s Meredith eating Chicken Feet. 🙂 After I announced that the sauce was really good today and Meredith agreed, Pete dug in too Pete agreed so Meredith dug in too. Now Pete can say he’s had it 4 times.

Aaron is not grossed out by Chicken Feet nor is Brenda.
No, that is not Brenda eating a chicken foot, it’s on her plate. She’s saving the best for last. HA!

I was so proud of Meredith for eating the chicken feet that I took a picture of her eaten foot!
But!! Upon closer inspection of this foot, I noticed there was not much eaten of it after all. HAHA! I should have taken a picture of my foot and you can then see a properly eaten foot (bones only). HAHA! Well, I can’t fault her! At least she tried it and it really is all about the sauce. I meant to take more pictures as I didn’t get any good eating pics of Drea or Lynn. Well, now that we have taken a little break from monthly dim sums, maybe it is time to bring it back again. So there will be more opportunities of eating pictures!

We did not go to bubble tea with Pete and Meredith, an after dim sum tradition, because Yves was in pain. The night before he stubbed his big toe really bad. It got all black and blue and swollen and he wasn’t even sure he would make it to dim sum. It’s a good thing he’s got his Keen shoes as they are wider in the toe area. Poor thing was wobbling along in the streets of Chinatown, the old men and women were passing us by! So he didn’t want to be on his feet for too long so we went home to our lovely daughter (who has a swollen right eyelid-poor thing!)

Bubble Bubble!

We went to a trial class at the Little Gym on Wednesday. I didn’t take very many pictures. Here are a couple of her being very watchful and taking it all in before she actually does anything.


Here is a video of Sienna enjoying bubble time.

Bubbles Bubbles! from Lisa on Vimeo.

Baden Baden

Last night we had a band meeting at Baden Baden, known for their fried chicken. It’s different because they take a whole rotisserie chicken and fry that. Quite delicious! We rounded off the meal with chopped steak and pig’s feet. We were all reluctant about the pig’s feet (except Joy) but when Joy explained it more to us, we figured we’d give it a try. It really isn’t as intimidating as it sounds and didn’t taste bad at all. It actually looks like something you’d get at a banquet dinner. I’m pretty sure it’s what it is! Tammy did not partake in the pig. She didn’t find it looked appetizing and didn’t want to risk throwing up! HAHA!

I apologize for the crappy pictures. I gotta remember to take the better camera for these food shots. Plus I’m so excited to dig in! And these pictures do not do the food justice!

The famous fried chicken
The chicken comes with a choice of fries or onion rings. We didn’t care what we got since it seems like an afterthought so Pete picked fries. I’m glad he did! They had a nice seasoning on them and were nice and crisp. There was also garlic cloves in there, I’m guessing fried with everything and it was yummy!!
I enjoyed the steak, it wasn’t overcooked although the sauce wasn’t really special.

Here’s the pig’s feet. See, doesn’t look so bad, right? We were originally thinking of the actual hooves. LOL!

Pete’s preparing his section to get ready to dig in!

Joy’s enjoying the pig’s feet!

The aftermath.

Nobody touched the salad minus a tomato by Tammy. The white cubes are pickled radishes, which was quite good!

Tammy’s belly is full with more than just food! 😉

The funny and strange thing about the restaurant is the loud dance/hip hop music in there. We had to repeat ourselves a couple of times and try to talk over the music. They certainly didn’t rush us out of there after the dishes were cleared. I would go there again!

And on a totally unrelated note, when I was tooling around the city yesterday, I happen to walk down Broome Street in search of Papabubble to check out. I passed a building with a couple of cop cars outside and maybe about half a dozen or so paparazzi. This was probably between 4:30 and 5 pm.I wondered which celebrity they were stalking and was going to walk back down Broome toward Broadway but decided to be the jaded New Yorker and took another route on my way uptown. Turns out the building was where Heath Ledger lived and died. I was so shocked he died and saddened and now spooked out that I walked by the building his body was in!!


We didn’t do much over the holiday weekend. 2 of the days were really cold. We’ve started the Let It Go project otherwise known as the Why Do We Still Have This? project. I joined a Brooklyn freecycle group on Yahoo and already got rid of, I mean, passed along my old Orange Handspring (still works!) and original Nintendo Game Boy with attachable light. There’s another boxful of stuff I need to list as well. It takes a little more effort for this but it feels good that someone else can use this stuff and not fill up the landfill.

I’m checking e-mail!
Sienna’s checking her e-mail!

That’s Neo!
That’s Neo!

Yo Yo Neo!
Yo Neo, what’s up! Want the snowman’s scarf?

That looks like fun!

It is fun!

Sienna had her 10 month check up last week and she grew an inch since her last check up at 8 months! It surprisd the doctor because he said usually by this time, they don’t grow much in length. She’s gonna be a tall baby!

GO Giants!

GO Giants!, originally uploaded by luluvision.

No words are needed for this picture!

Da Andrea

I went out to dinner with Theresa last night to Da Andrea. I forgot my camera so no pictures! I really, really wanted to go to Sapore but they lost their lease. I was totally bummed because I was really looking forward to their homestyle Italian cooking and cheap prices. Well, I decided to try Da Andrea’s because I remember that Joy was raving about that place for awhile. I ordered the warm octopus salad with potatoes and olives. The octopus was good but I wish there was more of it. And there were way too many olives. I ate a few of them and there were still at least a close dozen left on my plate. There must have been a special on olives. Theresa ordered the grilled calamari salad and hers was really good. I wish I ordered that one! It had a nice amount of calamari and a nice salad with it. For entreé I ordered homemade cavatelli with shrimp and salmon in a light pesto sauce. There was a nice amount of shrimp in there and frankly, I almost forgot there was salmon in there. It was little pieces. I don’t know what possessed me to get pesto sauce since I’m not entirely a big fan of it but I wanted to try something different. Theresa got the artichoke ravioli and she said it was good but nothing fantastic. Of course I was stuffed because of the bread basket and I’m such a bread whore that I ate all the focaccia. And I was a little buzzed from one glass of red wine!! That was good! All in all I was not terribly impressed with the food. I wonder if it’s because I expected more since Joy raved about it so much. The food was good, wasn’t fantastic and it’s likely I won’t be craving that place. Oh well. It was good to see Theresa and catch up with her.

I finally finished!!

Yep, that’s right folks! I finally finished the mosaic project I started in 2005! I wrote about it last January and resolved to finish it before Sienna was born. HA! The post can be found here. At least I finished it before Sienna’s first birthday! I’m not sure how I feel about the completed project yet. I’m still feeling the glow of having completed it and finally crossing it off my list. I still have to clean up the glass a little bit.
Full piece.

Up close shots.


Changing Table from Lisa on Vimeo.

If you don’t have the password, please leave me a comment and I’ll send it to you!

Sienna showing off the Nike booties she got from Aunt Natalie in Washington.


On New Year’s Eve, we went out to lunch to the kosher deli in our hood (Jay and something) and took Sienna’s booster seat so she can sit at the table with us. This is the second time she sat at the table with us at an outside restaurant but the first time using our own booster seat. She cried every time the waitress came over. The waitress was beginning to get a complex but then Sienna also cried when the bus man came over. By the end of the meal, she did not cry when the bus man came over to clear the table. The waitress was too nervous to come over. LOL. We have gone to lunch with her 2 times since then but those times she stayed in her stroller and seemed perfectly happy. And no crying at anyone but then again no one really approached her. So I don’t know if she would have cried if someone approached her in her stroller at the restaurant. She doesn’t cry when people coo at her when we’re walking in the streets. So, uh, yeah, I don’t really have any conclusions about her crying at strangers. HA!


Sienna is starting to point a lot and for some reason, when you bring your nose to her pointed finger and say “BING!”, she finds it very funny! Here’s a video of one incident. It’s password protected so please leave me a comment and I’ll send you the password and it will be the same for every Sienna video after that.

Hi Chair Bing from Lisa on Vimeo.

And here is a 2 finger point!

And a pointed finger while trying on the pretty dress Auntie Joy bought her from China.

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