Skippy needs a hug!


Here is Sienna giving Skippy a hug. This was last week. He needs mega hugs this week as Tuesday he went into the vet to get some things done. First, he got 4 teeth pulled! They were rotting, poor thing. Then he had 3 growths removed, 2 small ones on top of his head and 1 big one on his left back paw. The vet never actually explained what they were and I forgot to push him on it as I am curious. He just told me we might as well get them removed while he is under because they could get larger. And the last and major thing he got done and the thing that made me most guilty is, we got him fixed, poor thing. He was having lots of accidents in the house, even though we let him out during the day to release his bladder. The vet said because he isn’t fixed, his prostrate gets enlarged and can’t hold large amounts of urine and/or he can’t release all his urine at once (I forgot which or maybe it is both reasons).  The first thing I said to him when I picked him up was to ask him if he was mad at me. He was so out of it, it didn’t matter. And he has to wear the cone on his head until Sunday to keep away from the sensitive area. Poor thing. Send him a virtual hug!

Sienna pointing out his cone head.
He’s giving me the ‘look what you’re putting me through’ look!


A couple of weeks ago I was surprised with a package from our friends Carol and René, new purveyors of Gourmet on Wheels, Inc (make sure to check them out next time you are in L.A.!) It was a yummy box of homemade chocolate biscotti! A Carol specialty! I squealed with delight as she had sent us some before and do love them! I posted about it now as I just ate the last of them today.

Thank you Carol and René!


Year of the Ox

I’m a little behind in my posts as Chinese New Year was on Monday. Sienna had a slight fever last Friday and since the weekend was very cold, we hibernated and we were all getting cabin fever by Sunday. Sienna was overjoyed to be getting out of the house when we went to my parent’s house for New Year Eve’s dinner on Sunday. In my family the big celebration is on the eve and my parents cook chicken, cellophane noodles, sausages, abalone (one of my faves and the only time of year I get to eat it!), baby bok choy and a few other things that I don’t remember because I usually don’t eat it! HA!

(the abalone is the beige in brown sauce dish on the left)
Sienna’s digging into the fried rice, made especially for her and Yves
I’m digging into the cellophane noodles, my second favorite dish!

Craft On and On

My craft has been off the last week so I thought I would post some of the things I made in the beginning of the month when my craft was on. I was in a swap for 10 surprise items, could be store bought or hand made and I did a combination of both for my partner based on her profile. Some of the things she likes is chickens/roosters and the Old West. I knew right away I wanted to crochet a chicken potholder for her and was one of the first things I started back in December. Glad I did as I left plenty to do last minute! I decided to practice my carving and made her a name stamp with a chicken. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out! And just so everything wasn’t going to be fowl related, I made some “Old West” magnets with images from my clip art book.

The work in progress. I had a temporary brain fart and thought I needed the image to be reverse (top right). Good thing I realized I was wrong before I started carving.
I think it came out well so even joined a carving swap. Yikes!
I used Diamond Glaze on a couple of them and 3D Crystal Lacquer on the others. Definitely like 3D better for this (no air bubbles!)
I gave the chicken green eyes! ha!

So now I have become obsessed with making these glass pendants. I discovered these glass pendant kits from Annie Howes’ Etsy shop back in August and practically harassed Annie about when she was going to ship them to me. The kit comes with pretty papers to use under the glass but I knew I was going to use my own photos. Well, I finally got motivated to make one earlier this month (part of the delay was finding just the right photo!)
I loved how they turned out and made a few for some friends with pics of their newborns. I’m seriously considering selling these and also selling some using some of my holga shots. We’ll see!
I bought myself this stencil book for Christmas and made this shirt for Sienna. I bought this stuff to add to acrylic paint to make it fabric paint (altho I do have fabric paint for the Gocco and some leftover from my silkscreen class). It’s already been thru a few washes and still looks good! Wooo!! fun!

I tried to take a photo of us with me wearing the pendant and Sienna wearing her shirt. We look cute but you can’t really see us sporting my creations!

In Her Daddy’s Slippers


Please leave a comment or e-mail me if you don’t have the password for the video!

Daddy’s Slippers from Lisa on Vimeo.

Finally Fixed!

I can’t remember when my watch strap broke, it’s been so long! After unsuccessfully trying to contact Paul Frank about buying a replacement strap, I tried using black tape to fix it temporarily but it would slide out within minutes. I had the idea to sew on a piece of fabric to replace that part of the strap. Actually doing it took some time! But I finally did it!! Woohoo! It didn’t come out quite perfect as I didn’t realize the metal part would be in the way when I sewed it but hey, at least I can wear it now and it hasn’t broken off (yet!)watchstrap1blog.jpgwatchstrap2blog.jpg
I didn’t realize that the strap from the other side of the watch would cover the butterfly’s face but that’s ok because I also didn’t plan on sewing right across his face either!


The Many Ways Pete Rocks!

He poses with chicken feet, he pretends to gobble up raw ricotta cheesecake and hangs out with Sienna, he helps us do a test run for our first ghetto BBQ, he doesn’t pretend to not know me when I rock out to Kelly Clarkson, he’s Skippy’s cuddle buddy and…


he gave me his old Ipod Touch! (The monkey is Sienna’s). Thanks Pete!!

Oh, happy day!

I made a pin!


I’m sending a couple to my in-laws. If I make it again, I think I will take out his name.



Last weekend’s ‘snowstorm’ was a disappointment. We were looking forward to playing in the snow with Sienna. It didn’t really begin to snow more heavily until around 5ish, past Sienna’s outside time so only Skippy really got to ‘enjoy’ it (as you can see above). We thought we’d wake up Sunday morning to a nice powdery pile of white stuff. It had turned slushy overnight and the cool temps turned it icy. Not fun! And Sienna wasn’t thrilled either!


So this morning we were delighted to wake up to see it snowing! It wasn’t a lot but at least it was early enough for Sienna to be able to play in it before it turned slushy or icy.
(not really the snowball we were intending!)
Making snowcastles with daddy and skippy!

Snow Carriage from Lisa on Vimeo.

Swaps received!

I realize I’ve been bad at posting the pics of the swaps I’ve received. So here are some of the latest!

The Amigurumi Food swap, my partner is from Costa Rica! (I hosted on swap-bot!)

amifoodswapblog.jpgThe grocery tote bag swap (the bag I made is here)
My partner did such a nice job and I hope to be able to sew as well one day! The inside has 2 pockets. She even included this cute sour cream container pouch.

Tawashi Swap, my partner is from the UK (I haven’t even done mine yet!)

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