Happy mail!

Just when I was moaning about disappointing swaps on my blog the other day, in comes some real gems in the mail! Woohooo!! If you haven’t figured out already, I LOVE GETTING MAIL (minus bills and junk mail of course)! Sometimes I wonder if I border on being obsessed with mail! When I was in grade school and even high school, I was always sending away for free stuff and writing for pen pals. I even had a book with offers to send away for! (This was pre-internet after all!) Some was junk ( I distinctively remember sending away for a portable little popcorn maker- it was a plastic ball that you put the kernals in and you’re supposed to shake it and I guess that was supposed to pop the popcorn! Needless to say, it didn’t work. I believe it was offered by Jiffy Pop or Orville too) and some was fun stuff like stickers. Then I got into rubber stamping and did a lot of mail art exchanges. And now there is swap-bot!

Anyway, back to my happy mail! First I received my Etsy order from Golden Supply co. They said not to expect orders to ship out until 7-10 days AFTER payment and since I just placed the order on the 20th, wasn’t expecting it so that was a nice surprise. I didn’t take a photo of the order since it’s supplies to make stuff (I’m sure you’ll see it in future posts).

Also in the same mail day, I received my partner’s eraser carving swap! Remember, this was what I sent to my partner! She packaged it so nicely and included some pretty papers and a retro fortune fish. She did a great job carving a monkey with a banana background and she also carved the heart. She read my profile!

And there’s more! In the same batch of mail I also got my swap for the High Stakes Etsy Favorites.  For this swap, you buy something from your partner’s Etsy favorites (mine is here) and my partner picked out the bunny embroidered stuff that was on mine. So cute! It’s a water bottle cozy (I guess I should have taken this off as I don’t even use water bottles anymore but it can fit on my Sigg bottle) and this super cute patch!

And then the ultimate package came on Saturday! A complete surprise and I actually thought it was a different swap than what it was. It turned out to be for the Unbirthday swap #5 from my partner thriftymermaid! Deadline to mail for that is March 17th so it was super early! What a fabulous swapper she is! (She also made me feel a lot better about sending out so many things for my partner in the Unbirthday swap #4). Look at all these goodies!


Let’s see…there are 2 kinds of fabrics, 2 balls each of 2 different cotton yarn, 2 crochet hooks, zippers, 2 different kinds of marking pens for sewing, calligraphy markers, a monkey pencil, 2 pocket size hand moisturizers, handmade earrings and all individually wrapped inside an awesome, colorful, bright quilted bag!!
Here’s a bit of a close up of the earrings but really, this photo doesn’t do it justice!


  1. March 19th, 2009 | 1:42 pm

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