President’s Day at BBG

In February, we went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with Peter. As I recall, it was a pleasant winter day. There wasn’t much blooming at that time yet but it was nice to spend some time outdoors. Sienna had the camera for a little bit and here are some of the photos she took. I’ll have to make a new watermark for her since she writes her name a little differently now!
I LOVE this self portrait!
Some goofy self portraits!
And here are some of mine. It’s been awhile since I’ve been out shooting just to shoot. It was fun!
I love how the petals look like butterfly wings!
I didn’t notice until editing the photo, but I love how the leaf on the lower right looks like an arrow pointing to the middle! Love these little surprises!
They were looking at Peter while he was taking their photo. I like how they aren’t looking at me.
This woodpecker was pecking away!

Party Weekend!

As I mentioned in my last post, Sienna had a party weekend last weekend! Saturday was her party, the first official party we ever paid for! I figured 5 was a mini milestone so why not? The place we booked was very reasonable so I decided to invite her whole class. It was easier than covertly trying to invite just the people Sienna wanted. Then I crossed my fingers that not everyone in her class would be able to come. We ended up having 18 kids, some from her class and some of her buddies outside of school. Everyone had a great time!
Party Bags ready to go!
She took a disco nap about an hour before the party!
Playing “air hockey”
Caius told me to take a picture of him!
A blur in the ball pit
Leah gets a tattoo
Party Table
Vinny spun her around so much, she got so dizzy and fell!
Blowing out the candles on the ice cream cake!
The loot! And this isn’t even all of it! She had already opened a Rapunzel and Flynn doll, a Barbie Ballerina doll and an X-men figurine! And this doesn’t show some clothes that she got. She made out very well!
This cake is from my parents. I had them come over on Sunday instead of her actual birthday since I was making cupcakes for her class. Might as well spread out all this cake she’s getting!
This picture is so adorable!
When my dad asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she told him Beyblade. My father asked me for confirmation since there were only boys on the box. She loved this game when she was at Nico’s and Sylvie’s house.
And this was Sienna at her school party on her actual birthday! I made the cupcakes and also bought munchkins. She threw up shortly after this photo! She said it was the white munchkin and not the chocolate one that made her throw up. I suspect it was from all these sweets she’s had the last few days. I don’t usually give her so much cake days in a row!
Sienna and her teacher! This photo is so cute too! My baby is growing up! Sniff sniff!
Here’s a video from the birthday party!

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl

Today is my darling sweetheart’s birthday. I can’t believe she is 5! I took this photo of her on Saturday, when we had a party for her at Kid’s World and it was a great time! Her whole class was invited and of course, her other friends she knows aside from school. There were 19 kids! More photos of her party weekend to come.

January and February Crafts

Let’s get right to the crafts I haven’t posted yet, those that weren’t heart related.

I hosted a swap called Anything But My Heart in the hand carved stamps group. Carve something love related that isn’t a heart. These are the ones I made my partner. Only 1 other person joined so it was like a private swap. My partner sent me 2 bunnies kissing. Super cute! I’ll need to post a photo of that one!
These 3 photos were not for swaps but for one of Sienna’s best buds from school. It was Emma’s birthday on Jan. 31st so I made the front of her card while Sienna decorated the envelope and wrote on the inside. I made the shirt too. I always forget how easy the glitter heat vinyl can mess up especially when I use the newer (and hotter) iron. If you look closely enough, perhaps you can see the mess up?
Another birthday card, this one is for Daniel. As you can see, he turned 2 and he likes trains. The pop up is from the Silhouette store.
Before getting back to swap crafts, I made the top shirt for Daniel also. I gave it to Shirley at her baby shower brunch in January and didn’t give her the onesie until she gave birth to Lucila in February (they opted to be surprised!)
I crocheted this rose and made it into a pin for the How Do I Love Thee swap I hosted.
A huge 4 inch wide stamp I carved of a coffee cup for a Wacky Holiday swap. My partner was in search of a rubber stamp of this size so I thought I would carve her one. Forgot what holiday I made this for!
January 23rd was Asian New Year and it was Year of the Dragon. I joined a card swap for that. The dragon pop up was free online and I traced it in my Silhouette program so I wouldn’t have to cut it by hand. The Cameo spoiled me! I also had the Cameo write the sentiment on the front of the card.
I was excited that I won the My Friendship Bracelet Maker on a blog so I joined a friendship bracelet swap! It was really fun to make and I’ll have to make some more.
Another chalkboard pin!
I can’t remember the swap I made this for but this is so cute, I have to make a set for myself!
I made this one for a pendant swap. The star is a bezel and I embedded some gems inside with diamond glaze colored with some pearl ex.
oop! A Valentine card that I guess did not make it into the heart post. I crocheted the heart although it doesn’t really look like a heart, does it?