Got it while it was good

Sienna was out sick from school all week. Turns out she had the flu even tho she got a shot. She woke up with a fever 4:30 in the morning on MLK day. I gave her some ibuprofen, her fever went away and she was back to her normal self. Goofy and silly! I was ready for her to proceed to a normal school week, her body was not! She woke up with a fever 3:30 in the morning on Tuesday. Yves wanted me to call the doctor, I kinda poo poo’d it at first but then just ended up bringing her in anyway. Good thing I did as she tested positive for flu! Well, long story short, she had been taking Tamiflu (hates it) and is a lot better. I hated that I needed to give her separate meds for her fever and then when she started getting stuffy and coughing, separate meds for that! I guess if all weeks, she picked a good week to be sick, it’s been in the teens all week (and it snowed a bit today!)
Anyway, the main reason for this post us that I’m happy I was able to have 2 date nights last weekend! Friday with Yves for Indian food at Panna II. (Photos from my Iphone and posted via my Iphone!)


Saturday with Joy! First we went to get massages on Mott St. and dinner at Shanghai Cafe Deluxe.




And a stop at Sugar Sweet Sunshine! I was too full to eat a cupcake so I bought some home.



Handmade Christmas

I may have not posted much, especially my crafts, but I’m still making stuff! For Christmas I decided to sew some pencil cases for the kids and wanted to try a new pouch pattern. I probably have only pulled out my sewing machine twice before my sew-a-thon the week before Christmas so I guess I made up the time!

I had wanted to make Sienna a pencil case since the start of school and I’ve used Noodlehead’s pattern before so I knew it was a good one. I made Sienna’s and Emma’s using Princess fabric and Sylvie’s using Hello Kitty, both fabrics from Japan.

SiennaCase EmmaCase SylvieCase

I used my Silhouette to cut out the names. I actually made a mistake with Emma’s and Sylvie’s (the names aren’t on the same side) but when I did it first on Emma’s, I liked it so repeated it with Sylvie’s. I made Nico’s using Superman fabric.


I liked how I positioned his name on each side. I also made a Snoopy one for a swap. It was also my first time making a key fob from this tutorial.


The new pattern I wanted to try is called a mini clutch from Sew4Home. Since this was the first time making one, I made one for myself first to work out any kinks.

I think I actually did better on the first one than I did with Jessica’s (Emma’s mom). The sizing on hers is a little smaller but her phone is smaller than mine so it worked out!

I also made Jessica this bracelet, since she admired the one I made for myself:

I was struggling to figure out what to give for Sienna’s teacher, since she lost her house due to Hurricane Sandy (she lived in Breezy Point. The surfer that died in Puerto Rico was who saved her and her husband!). What do you give someone that lost everything? Your standard smelly soaps seemed kind of silly. And Sienna’s suggestion of buying her a house was noble but not realistic! LOL. So, remembering that the teacher has an art background, I decided to make her one of my coptic stitch journals. Only the 3rd one I ever made! I covered it with mulberry paper and used watercolor paper inside. I think it came out rather nice! I also sewed her a bookmark/pen holder (I’ve made before) and key fob. Sienna picked out the fabric for the key fob. You might not be able to tell but it’s owls. The teacher told Sienna how she was just saying the other day how she needed a journal!
TeacherGiftKeyFob TeacherGiftBook

Happy 2013


We spent the first day of the New Year at our dear friend’s house, Starr and Brian. Brian made a traditional Southern New Year’s meal. Black eyed peas for luck, cornbread for lots of gold and collard greens for lots of green money! Starr managed to get Sienna to try each item because you want luck in the new year, right? We bought over donuts from Leske’s Bakery because anything round is also lucky to eat, supposedly!

I forgot my camera so I didn’t take many photos as I was using the iphone. Sienna plays very well with Sylvie and Nico but Sylvie’s best buddy from her class was over and according to Starr, she is quite possessive of Sylvie. I know all about that scenario! So being how Sienna is, she doesn’t assert herself into that situation and I don’t push. I’m trying to let her be true to her nature. I’m grateful when Maya comes over, she is in Nico’s class and whenever the 3 girls get together, they play amazingly well. And that is exactly what happened, the 3 of them all played together and no one was left out (Sylvie’s best buddy had left.) I have no ill will toward Sylvie’s best buddy but isn’t it amazing how just 1 person can change a dynamic?

DJ Nico!

Who needs fancy toys when you have a blanket, a pulley device and someone to pull?

MagicCarpet1MagicCarpet2MagicCarpet3 MagicCarpet4

Pillow fight! (So, why did we spend all this money on fancy toys for Christmas?!)