A big sigh of R E L I E F !

Yves came home from his trip Sunday afternoon and I felt like just cuddling up in his arms and tuning out the world. But obviously I did not. I was nervous as to how Sienna would react. She was still napping when he got home so we were able to chat and catch up. The first sound Yves heard from her room, he was in there. He was anxious to see his little baby! I didn’t hear any screaming or crying and breathed a big sigh of relief! Aaaahhhh!!!! We played a little bit all together. Then I wanted to do the laundry, not because I really wanted to or that Sunday is normally laundry day, but mostly as a test to see how Sienna would react when I left. Big meltdown! Cry, cry, cry before I even made a move! I only told her I was going to go downstairs to do the laundry. My heart sank. I guess I was hoping everything would snap back into place. Daddy was home and all was right with the world. I did some reassuring. Yves tried to distract her and get her playing. It worked! I went downstairs and started the laundry! And she was fine when I came back up and each time I went back down. Whew! Ok. It’s all good!

Yves took off from work through Wednesday. He took care of Sienna in the morning and I didn’t venture out of the bedroom until breakfast started. I had a doctor’s appt. in the city on Monday so he took Sienna to the playground.  Another mini meltdown. Sigh. I tried not to get upset and Yves tried to reassure me that everything was going to be ok. And it was. As soon as they got outside, she was fine. They had a great time at the playground. Unfortunately my parents missed her by a few minutes. I was driving them to the airport to see Kenny before I left for my appt. They may be gone for a month! Oh well. Everything was fine with Sienna all day. Then when she saw me, she got a little clingy again. Sigh.

Same thing with Tuesday. Yves took care of her in the morning (she started crying at 4:30 AM! UGH!) but I came out before breakfast. Again, she was fine until I showed up and got all clingy with me. Still not as bad as when she was sick so I’m hoping that as the days goes on, she will get better with it. I’m so thankful Yves took these days off! We all went to the playground together for her normal Tuesday playdate with Jana and her girls Emma and Leah. Everything went well, even when we went out for lunch! Yay!

Fun with Daddy on the slide
She was able to say Bye Bye Emma when she left!
Her hummus mess!

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