Moz at Carnegie Hall!


Last night I went to see Morrissey at  Carnegie Hall with Alison. I’m so glad she had an extra ticket because I probably wouldn’t have gone to see him on this tour. The tickets were kind of expensive and I was going back and forth as to whether I wanted to go, tickets went on sale, I hemmed and hawed and then I regretted not getting tickets. But anyway, I got to go! This was his third show in NYC on this tour (he played Bowery and Webster Hall before Carnegie). It was a pretty subdued show as far as Morrissey shows go but that shouldn’t be surprising since it was at Carnegie Hall and we were seated waaaay up in the balcony (the sound was pretty good tho!). What made this way exciting for me was the fact that I was able to sneak in some photo taking! Every Moz show I ever went to did not allow cameras and they checked pretty thoroughly. I used to sneak in a camera in my skirt back in th early 90’s (such a rebel I was back then! HA!) but since I always went up front, dealing with the mosh of people while trying to take pictures did not produce very good photos (imagine a tiny lopsided image of Morrissey in the corner of a shot or a photo of Morrissey’s chest – no head – just chest) . No photo or video taking is allowed at CH but they didn’t check my bag at all! But because we were far up in the balcony, the images weren’t as sharp as I would have liked. But better than nothing!! I also bought a tour shirt.

I didn’t document the set list because I’m sure someone did and could be easily found on the internet. I do remember he opened with This Charming Man and encored with First of the Gang to Die, played a lot from his current album, Years of Refusal, played How Soon is Now and Death of a Disco Dancer…I wished he played some early Morrissey stuff! I was hankering to hear Last of the Famous or Everyday is Like Sunday. Oh well. He came out in a tuxedo (it was Carnegie Hall after all!), he changed his shirt several times and took off his shirt several times! At one point, he came onto the stage with a baby/toddler in his arms (like on the cover of his new album). I joked that Sienna could have played that role perfectly and why didn’t I know about the casting call? The boy’s name was Sebastian too! I didn’t get a photo of that because it happened too fast.

Ok so before these next photos, I want to state for the record that I’ve never been sexually attracted to Morrissey (although I do think he’s become quite handsome as he has gotten older – not bad for someone turning 50 in May!). My fantasy relationship with him was always me being a close confidante of his. He does have a certain charisma, which is what got me obsessed with him after seeing him for the very first time in the early 90’s at Jones Beach – and I was far away at that show too! Anyway, this next photo he took off his shirt and I was so taken by surprise that I snapped so fast and the camera didn’t have time to focus. I thought it was funny!
He’s looking at me!!!
The full band (I think)

Moz Encore CH from Lisa on Vimeo.


  1. Jungy
    March 29th, 2009 | 2:16 am

    Ha! I love the blurry rushed shot when he took his shirt off! Did the audience scream like teenage girls when he did it?

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