Moz At Radio City!

Last night was the Morrissey show at Radio City. I was so excited! I still had a bit of a cough from being sick (my nose congestion was gone) but a drink of Makers Mark and ginger ale helped curb the coughing for the most part. Is it bad to say I was thinking about whiskey for a few days? Alison and I missed the opener, Kristeen Young, but made Morrissey’s prompt start at 9pm. Here’s the setlist as taken from BrooklynVegan:

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
You Have Killed Me
The Youngest Was The Most Loved
You’re The One For Me, Fatty
I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Ouija Board, Ouija Board
Black Cloud
Spring-Heeled Jim
People Are The Same Everywhere
Meat Is Murder
To Give (The Reason I Live)
Let Me Kiss You
I Know It’s Over
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
I’m OK By Myself
Still Ill

 I’m glad he played some Smiths and a few from his earlier albums. There are still a few songs I wish he would play (International Playboys, Sister I’m a Poet) and I’m still disappointed with the one song encore. He’s done that before and I always forget, until he walks off stage after the one song. Damn him! He played for about 90 minutes. Surprisingly, the sound was not the best. Not sure what was up with that! Here are a few shots I took.

In case you can’t tell, that is Adam West and Burt Ward from the Batman TV series.
Overall, a good show but not one of the top Morrissey shows.

11 years!

11 years ago today, I got married to Yves in Las Vegas. Gosh, we look so young! I can’t believe it’s been 11 years! Anyway, I had wanted to celebrate with a date night to the movies and dinner. Last year we went to Morton’s but they have since closed that location and we heard that other locations weren’t as friendly. Well, we ended up not doing anything and I sit here now just happy that my little girl is well.

Last Wednesday, Sienna took a fall at the playground. She climbed up the side of the stairs (not very tall, about 4 feet), turned to jump off but instead tripped and fell right on her head! I was standing pretty close to her so I got to her pretty fast. It didn’t look too bad, just some scrapes, no oozing or anything but I’m sure it hurt a lot regardless. Once I got her home, she sat in my lap as I tried to comfort her. After a bit, she stopped crying and seemed to calm down and was starting to fall asleep. Crying could really wear you out! So somewhere in the back of my head I wondered about concussions. I have never been through anything like this so I didn’t know the symptoms but I (erroneously) thought that you shouldn’t let them fall asleep. So to keep her awake, I tried to bribe her with a popsicle (which she turned down! Gasp!) but she managed to agree to watch a show. While she did that, I quickly went on the computer to check on concussion symptoms. About midway through her show, she told me she felt like she felt like she wanted to throw up! Whoa! That’s one of the concussion symptoms! I quickly called her doctor, told him what happened and told him she fell on the side of her head. Which wasn’t true, she actually fell on the side of her forehead, which is what I meant to say but that didn’t come out. So he told me to take her to the emergency room just to make sure.

After freaking Yves out on the phone and him practically running home from the Kings Highway subway stop, off to the hospital we went. It took 2 hours from start to finish, she didn’t need a cat scan and the attending doctor made me feel very confident that she was ok. So at about 2 am, she woke us up to tell us her head hurt so I told her to come into bed with us. She was very warm. She ended up throwing up a few hours later so I kept her home from school on Thursday. To make a long story short, she went back to school on Friday (she was acting energetic and goofy that morning) but then felt feverish after school. I felt like she was generally ok because she didn’t want to go home and besides from a slight lack of energy, seemed to be herself. She still had a fever on Saturday so we took her to the doctor just to be sure. She just caught a virus and today was the first day she woke up without a headache and has been acting her goofy little self all day! But now I’m sick!! After we came back from the doctor, I really started feeling run down and feverish. I slept off the fever and now am just congested and a slight cough. I need to get over this fast because I have a date with Morrissey on Wednesday! Plus we need to reschedule our anniversary celebration!

Aunt Natalie Visits!

Yves’ Aunt Natalie did a mini East Coast tour and we were one of the stops! She spent last weekend with us and we did a mix of tourist and hipster things! Saturday we went back to Coney Island (we were just there the weekend before) and convinced Aunt Natalie to ride the Wonder Wheel with us. I can never get enough of that ride! She even agreed to go on the moving car (not that we really gave her a choice!) Before that ride, Sienna took her on her favorite roller coaster, the Sea Serpent. We took a little walk along the boardwalk and enjoyed the weather. It was much cooler than the last time.

On the Sea Serpent!

Wonder Wheel!

Walking along the Boardwalk

I felt like I was in The Birds!

On Sunday, we went to Smorgasburg in Dumbo. On Saturdays it’s in Williamsburg and I’ve been wanting to check it out for awhile. It’s basically a bunch of food vendors. They opened one up on Sundays a couple of weekends ago and took the opportunity to check it out! Aunt Natalie’s son, David, met us there. Lots of yummy food! I took photos of everything I ate but didn’t get Sienna’s fried shrimp (so good!), Yves’ schnitzel sandwich and lamb burger nor our drinks of fuji apple lemonade, cranberry lychee tea (like bubble tea but with lychee jelly on the bottom) and Sienna’s citrus watermelon slush.
Spicy Tuna taco from Takumi Taco
Stroopwafels from The Good Batch (the very reason I got interested in going!)
Duck and Pork Belly Steamed Buns from Bite Size Kitchen 
Maple Bacon on a stick. This was David’s, I didn’t eat it. From Landhaus
Goat Milk Ice Cream from King Leche Cremes. Aunt Nat’s chili chocolate on left and my caramelized onion on the right. Yes, I said caramelized onion! A bit too savory for my taste and I didn’t finish it, even after making everyone take a bite out of it. I should have tried the dill pickle one!
Sienna was loving this!
Sienna was either trying to wink or the sun was in her eyes! LOL

Aunt Natalie went up to Connecticut to stay with a friend for a few days but I saw her one final time before she left! On Wednesday, we went to Red Rooster up in Harlem. Her friend’s reggae band was playing there. And I literally almost bumped into Marcus Samuellson!! We were actually downstairs at Ginny’s, the supper club so while the band played, we sat and ate. I kinda liked that! We got the 5 spiced spare ribs (yum!), jerk veal tongue steamed buns (mmm) as apps and I got the catfish and grits entree. The band was fun!

I remembered to take a photo after I finished! The 3rd rib was on David’s plate!
The band! (I forgot the name!)