Playdate with Nico!

Today and Monday Sienna had a playdate with Nico. No pictures from today so these are from Monday.
This sequence cracked me up. There was an Elmo doll on the bench and we put them on the bench so we can take pictures of them. Top left: Sienna finds Elmo. Top right: Sienna shares Elmo with Nico. Bottom left: Sienna is chagrined, why did she give up Elmo? Bottom right: Oh Elmo, I’m sorry I left you! Nico: I’m outta here!

Sienna goes into the sprinklers. She never went into the sprinklers before, she usually would stand right outside the sprinklers and look at it. This time she went in. Starr said that Nico normally doesn’t get as wet as he did on Monday. We think they influenced each other. Notice in the next pictures that Sienna is wearing different bottoms. I thought she was done getting wet when I changed her. Clearly she wasn’t! At least I put her in water shoes.


Monday was also the 2nd day we tried the one nap a day schedule. It seemed to work out ok. After being at the playground almost 2 hours, Sienna was tired and fell asleep on the way home. Once home, we had lunch and then I put her down where she proceeded to stay awake for an hour before finally falling asleep and slept for 2 hours. Tuesday she surprised me by basically telling me she wanted a nap a little before 10am (she motioned up and then put her head on my shoulder, pointed and said go) Wednesday was also a 2 nap day. Today was a one nap day and showed signs of weariness by noon. I put her down after lunch around 12:45, checked on her half an hour later to see she was still awake (but quiet!) I told her nap time and I guess she fell asleep shortly after. So I guess I’ll just take each day as it comes.


  1. Carol Menou a.k.a. Grandma
    August 12th, 2008 | 1:58 pm

    Love the little scene with Elmo. Gaby became quite indignant and said “Gaby’s Elmo !!” I had to explain that there were many Elmos in the world and showed her that Elmo was with her other toys.. I love your latest creation and Sienna certainly wears it well..

  2. March 9th, 2009 | 11:54 am

    […] for and take care of Sienna. See what they did here. Then on Thursday night, I went out with Starr (Nico’s mom) and a few other moms to celebrate Starr’s birthday (hers is on the 11tth, a day before […]

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