LES mini food crawl

Last week, Brenda was able to answer my call of distress and go out to dinner with me. I had a bit of a crazy week with Sienna being sick and in need of getting out of the house. Sienna had a fever for 4 days!! She’s never had a fever that long, usually any OTC meds I give her for fever takes care of it within a few hours or by next day. Her fever would reduce but then it would come back. She also complained about her ears hurting (she had an ear infection in both ears last month!) and a bellyache so we went to the doctor. The doctor said her ears were fine (thankfully!) but that she had a throat infection! Total surprise on that one. Since the throat infection was viral and not bacterial, he didn’t give her any meds. I felt so bad for her. She started getting better by the 5th and 6th day and it was actually the aftermath of the sickness that drove me batty! Mopyness and whinyness…she is now back to her usual, happy self! Whew!

Brenda suggested we head out early and go to The Meatball Shop. Been wanting to try this place as my friend Pete likes it AND they’ve been on the Martha Stewart show!
Brenda got the Everything but the kitchen sink salad with spicy pork meatball (she shared one with me!)
I was tempted to get the naked meatballs but you could only pick 1 protein so I opted for sliders and got veggie with spicy meat sauce, chicken with mushroom sauce and beef with tomato sauce.

My favorite meatball was probably Brenda’s spicy pork! They were all good (although I wasn’t too keen on the mushroom sauce) and I definitely want to go back to try more. But wait! Here is the best part and probably the main reason I would go back; homemade ice cream sandwiches! I love that you could pick the cookie and the ice cream (which is housemade! Awesome!!) Brenda chose the one I would have picked, chocolate chip and mint so I got the ginger snap and vanilla, which actually was the better one. I loved that they use fresh mint but it was a little too much. The ginger snap was so good and just the right amount of ginger.

Since we were in the ‘hood, had to drop by Bisou Ciao and picked up 2 macarons for home, the salted caramel and blood orange with dark chocolate filling. Do I have to tell you they were delicious?

Our next stop was Baohaus. When Brenda sent me the link and asked if I wanted to stop by after meatballs, I said hell yes!
We got the Chairman Bao, which is pork belly. Very delish! Definitely need to go back to try more!
A very small place
Cute family photos on the wall

And of course, how could I not pick up some Sugar Sweet Sunshine cupcakes to take home for the family (big wink)?
2 pistachio (by far their best), a peppermint chocolate and spicy pumpkin. And proof that family ate it:

More photos of food excursions to come as it just so happened that I went out to eat 4 days in a row! Oy, my belly…

Random Crafts

Here’s the completed box that you can see Sienna start painting here. Yves requested a box with a Spider Man theme to put his watches in. I could only find this wooden box with a mirror on top at the craft store so I thought putting a web on top would be cool. I used my Silhouette to cut the vinyl. I attempted to use the transfer tape but it actually made it harder!

Here’s the thank you card I made for Stan for sending Sienna the Wonder Woman doll and Green Goblin that made her so happy, as you can see here. I should have thought to take a photo of the writing Sienna did inside the card. I told her to write I love my Wonder Woman doll, love Sienna. It was all over the place so I also wrote in a translation. LOL

Some cards I made at a Stamping Meetup based on alcohol inks:
The butterflies were made with soda cans cut with a Sizzix die and the circle in the last card is a CD.

Some recent swaps:
This was for the silly greeting a flat item swap. My flat item was the mustache on a stick so I made the card for Something on a stick day (which was March 28th)
I carved this owl stamp copied from a certain popular stamp company catalog. I don’t remember what I made it for! I think it was for a group forum Winner Takes All.

For the Handmade keychain swap.
For the card wallet swap. My partner likes the V monogram so I used my Sizzix to cut out the letter. I also made her some swap cards and put them in.

For the pendant swap in the Zombies, Aliens, Vampires, Monsters and Robots group.

A pendant I stamped, which was partly for the Spring Lucky Parcel swap

These 2 were part of the Eggy Spring Swap with a twist. The twist is that you have to put 6 little treats in eggs or egg shaped. I ended up making felt egg pockets. We got 2 partners so there is one for each. The top are felt brooches and the bottom are upcycled baby food bottle caps turned magnets.

This was for the Woodland Creature with a Moustache swap. I also made the little pom pom tail.


Sheng Wang with Joy and Brenda. Everything was so good!
Boiled dumplings (bought a bag of frozen ones for home)
Oxtail noodle soup with fried egg on top. The oxtail was disappointing but everything else was good!
Brenda got tendon with spiced egg, tendon was the way to go!
Joy got pork chop over her noodles, she wasn’t thrilled with the pork chop.
We were delighted to find meat in the fish balls. So good and I also bought a frozen bag for home.

A couple of weeks ago, went on a date night with Yves to Sally and George’s Place. The food was good but the experience was a little less desirable. There was a table nearby where the father was hacking phlegm every few minutes and the daughter, aside from sounding like a 12 year old, never seemed to learn about having an inside voice so I heard about her philosophy of life throughout dinner. Oh fun.
Assorted appetizer plate.
I got lamb over rice
Yves got kafta kebab

I met Tammy and Co (Alison, Stephanie and Jen) for brunch at Bubby’s. I was so looking forward to the homemade corned beef hash! It was a disappointment! Too much red peppers and it overwhelmed the whole thing. Tammy got Eggs Benedict, Alison got boiled grapefruit and shrimp and grits, Jen got pancakes and Stephanie got an omelet. The smallest girl at the table suggested we get an order of french toast with bananas and berries for all to share! My kinda girl!
Both Alison and Tammy are due any day now so I expect to hear about a new addition to their family very soon!!

I also met Pete for lunch a couple of weeks ago. We went to Veselka’s. My camera battery died and the extra one I carry with it was also dead! HMPH! So I only managed to get one photo of my Ukranian meatball sandwich with sweet potato fries. It was ok. I prefer the italian meatball way. You can also see in the corner of the photo the order of short rib pierogies we shared. That was awesome!!

So if you don’t think I’m a glutton already, here’s the last one to round out the latest food outtings! I’ve been attending a monthly poker night (altho so far we haven’t actually played poker!) with some local moms but this month we had to rearrange schedules and couldn’t get a room for poker. So we decided to go out to eat to Il Fornetto‘s this past Friday. I was very close to bailing out on it because Sienna was sick all week with a fever, throwing up and throat infection. Yves even called in sick on Friday since Thursday night was really tough (I ended up sleeping on the floor of Sienna’s room, which I don’t usually do ever! This might be the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve done so in her 4 years!). Yves encouraged me to go since I’ve been cooped up in the house all week and since it was local, I did go. I’m so glad I did. It was a fun evening with the ladies!
My order of lamb scallopini, one of the specials of the night. Very yummy and the lamb was tender!
Jana got chicken cardinale
Shirley got filet of sole
Daniela got caesar salad because she already ate dinner
We all shared 2 orders of warm chocolate cake. MMMMM

Please Touch

As mentioned in earlier posts, we went to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia a few weekends ago. We decided to make a weekend out of it and booked a room at Crowne Plaza Hotel, chosen because of the indoor pool (which ended up being close for renovations! GRRRR!) Anyhow, lots of photos were taken so I’ll keep the words short. Pete joined us for the trip and it was great fun to have him with us. The museum totally rocked, the building majestic and I would definitely recommend this place and want to go back!

On to the photos!
Pete was a good crayon assistant to Sienna in the back seat
The sign outside
The beautiful ceiling (I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo of the building, which is beautiful)
They had a few of these cutout head bodies. Lots of fun!
Water Area
These clouds and rainbow were above the water area, I loved them!
This cracks me up!
They have an awesome Alice in Wonderland area!
We played with blocks for a little bit and Sienna enjoyed knocking down all our blocks.
These were taken downstairs in the “city” area. I don’t remember why they had a vespa there. Sienna found this dog in the house area and played with it what felt like forever! This was also the area where Pete’s video was taken of the shopping. There was also a hospital but we did not go in there.
There was also a section of old stuff and I really thought the typewriter was cool!
They also had a display of retro toys (not in the same area as the old stuff). I had to take a photo of this because we had one when I was younger.
Waiting in line to shoot a “rocket”
Shooting the rocket!

There really are so many photos I am not posting. I ran into some old friends at the museum (small world!), me and Sienna rode the carousel, Sienna ate a hot dog for lunch and we went to Dalessandros (recommended by a friend) for cheesesteaks! MMM!

And of course, I have to show Sienna wearing the 4 shirt I made for her for her birthday (which she did not want to wear on her actual birthday but the day after!)