Sky’s the Limit!

The Sky is the limit!
On February 1st, Sienna was in a school “play!” Her class and another class combined to sing songs with sky themes and the play was called “The Sky’s the Limit.” Yves took off so he could attend. Sienna had 2 lines before the Planet Rap song. The password for this video is planets.


I didn’t have a proper video camera so used a combination of my point and shoot (with a small storage card in it so it filled up fast!), my smaller point and shoot and my iphone. Of course the quality on the bigger point and shoot is better but that one filled up fast. I managed to get video of Here Comes the Sun (when I heard they were doing this, I got all excited because it’s a real song as opposed to a kids song even tho it wasn’t the actual Beatles version played.) Password for this video is thesun.

uploadWe gave flowers to Miss Cregg, their teacher. That’s Emma on the left and Isabella on the right.