Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve with my parents. We usually go out to eat with my parents but Sienna had a slight fever so they brought dinner over instead. We gave Sienna some medicine and she regained her energy just in time to open presents! LOL

PresentGrandpa Present2Grandpa
My parents got her the MLP train set
It was a My Little Pony Christmas! This car is from my brother. Now she has 2 cars!

Christmas morning! Sienna made out like a bandit, as usual! I didn’t get pics of her opening everything and frankly, that would probably get boring!
EaselPresentAn easel


I made Yves a Spider-Man pillowcase


Sienna got more MLP from Grandma and Grandpa in Jamaica.YvesSweater

1 of 3 sweaters for Yves


Sequence Letters from Grandma and Grandpa in Jamaica


Scrabble Jr. from us (She got lots of board games this year! Not shown, What’s Gnu?, Doodle Dice, Story Cubes and from her best friend, Operation!)

password is Santa. The most precious video and so glad I caught it.


And the biggest present from us, her own Nexus 7 tablet with pink case!


The Balds and Reeves came over for dinner, as they did last year. I made pernil, crock pot mac n cheese, meatballs in gravy, rice and peas and brussel sprouts. A very blurry photo!


Kids enjoying their juice boxes!


“Playing” Candyland.


Ricotta cheesecake homemade by Brian! Yum!


A couple of days before Christmas, I showed Sienna this personalized video from Santa. I made it for her on a website and it was free! Very cool! He said her name, where she lived and a couple of other personalized things I got to pick from a list.