Thursday night was the CD mixer and it was the best turnout we had in a long time! Woohoo! With 2 newbies too! We went to Jake’s Saloon on 23rd street and even exchanged CDs! (Granted I only made 6 copies and there were about 13 people but some people had uploaded their mix.) I kind of cheated with my mix and used one I made recently for a swap on swap-bot. Here’s my mix:


1. Play Your Part (Pt. 1)    Girl Talk
2. Paper Planes (Starters Remix)    M.I.A.
3. We Want Your Kids (Starters Mash-Up)     MGMT vs. Adam Freeland
4. Lights Out    Santogold
5. 5 Years Time (Sun Sun Sun)    Noah and the Whale
6. Beware Our Nubile Miscreants    Of Montreal
7. Valerie Plame    The Decemberists
8. Let’s Call It Off (Girl Talk Remix)    Peter Bjorn and John
9. Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenocerous  Flight Of The Conchords
10. Singer Songwriter    Okkervil River
11. Campus    Vampire Weekend
12. Acid Tongue    Jenny Lewis
13. Black Hole    She & Him
14. Every Valley Is Not A Lake    Cold War Kids
15. Fix It    Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
16. Suspended In Gaffa    Ra Ra Riot

Hopefully the CDMOM momentum will keep up! I uploaded my mix online as well so if you are interested in downloading it, leave me a comment!

More carvings

Here are some recent carvings I did for a carve swap on swap-bot I mentioned in an earlier post. The requirements were to do 2 stamps, something from your partner’s profile and a background stamp. A heart will be earned if you carve a heart as well!

I started with this carving first, since it was the simpliest in design. I guess I used too much pressure in cleaning it between carvings as the last heart got a nick in it. I decided just to replicate the nick on the other side!
This was the second one I did and probably a bit more ambitious on my part. I’m relatively happy with it. It’s not perfect but I’m trying not to stare too hard at it!
This was the last one I did. My partner is really into Asian design so I thought she would like this chinese motif. I thought it would be the easiest of them all but it proved to be more difficult than I thought. I thought it would be easier because of the straight lines but that made it harder!

Here is another carviing I did before the above carvings for the Unbirthday swap I was in. I realized I did a DOY on this swap. You were required to send 3 items from their list of 10 items for this swap. I actually sent all ten items on my partner’s list and then some! DOY! I didn’t mind as I made most of the items and did not spend much on the other items. I’m just annoyed because the postage was more than I wanted it to be but mostly because that means I won’t be getting 10 items from my partner! GRRRR!

On the swapping note, I think I need to stop joining so many swaps. There have been a couple of swaps that have bummed me out. I’m still waiting to get rated on quite a few swaps I’ve sent in the last few weeks, 2 of my send to partners have gotten suspended on swap-bot so I won’t get ratings from them and there was one particular swap where I really put some thought into what I sent and I feel I didn’t get the same treatment from the person that sent me the same swap. Sigh…I guess my expectations have gotten too high!


Ok, so I don’t want to be accused of being one of those parent’s who thinks their kid is all that. But honestly, I think my kid IS all that! HA! Case #1. Last weekend we went to Kohl’s to do some shopping (our mission to find some long sleeved shirts for Sienna was a failure – of course all the Spring stuff is out and the Winter clearance was a mess!). Sienna found this purple bunny, see Yves’ post here, but we did not buy it for her. This past Saturday, we went back to Kohl’s. It was cold and we didn’t have any better plans and Yves wanted to get a sports jacket (success!). Well, not 2 minutes in the place and Sienna starts calling out “Bunny, where are you?” (The ‘where are you’ game is a recent development, it’s really cute to hear her say ‘oh, there you are!’) Now, really, how could she have possibly remembered that the bunny lived there? It was a whole week between visits to Kohl’s! Is that a normal thing to remember something like that?

Case #2: Yves’ razor hangs on the wall by the sink in the bathroom. Yves bought new ones because he didn’t like the one he had and replaced it on the wall. Sienna points to it and says ‘ooh, new one daddy!’

I’m sure more signs of genius will occur. Stay tuned! HA!

Relentless 7


I went to a concert Tuesday night! Woohooo!! My last one was in November for Girl Talk. I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since seeing a live show (Elmo Makes Music DOES NOT COUNT!) I went to see Relentless 7. I’m not sure if it’s Ben Harper’s side band or just another project. It was at Highline Ballroom, the first time at the venue. It was a pretty decent venue, although the entrance area is a little bit cramped. But no bag check! And the venue was cool throughout the whole night! I was actually a little chilly! That never happens! It was pretty small, I would say roughly the same size as Mercury Lounge but with the stage on the long side of a rectangle instead of the short end. We haven’t been that close to Ben since I got kicked out of his show at Bowery Ballroom. Anyway, it was LOUD!! I was resisting putting some tissue in my ears and then Joy told me to put my headphones in. I truly think that saved my hearing! Thank you Joy! The band went on aroun 9:15 after an introduction by Matt Pinfield and Leslie Frann from RXP (a station I love, BTW!) They played until about 10:30 and came out for 1 encore where they sang Under Pressure. It was an awesome show!!


Sienna loves Skippy

Here are some photos I took in early January that I forgot to post. There was a thankfully short lived period where Sienna wanted to brush everything. It started with her dolls like Elmo and Abby and then she graduated to Skippy and Neo (when he lets her!). Then she would brush her hair right after! Yuk! HA!


Here she is laying down next to Skippy. Skippy really needs a haircut! His eyes are in there somewhere!


Crafters for Moz!

I made this Morrissey onesie for Evan, a baby boy born in November to my friend Corinne in Canada. I met Corinne in 1997 when I went to the Smiths convention in California. She went with her friend Scott, who I set up to meet initially. I lost contact with Scott but still keep up in touch with Corinne, although sporadically the last few years. So I saw it fitting to make this for her baby! Never too early to introduce Morrissey to the little one! I used my Gocco so I made a shirt for Sienna too! The image of Moz was from a rubber stamp that I had gotten made ages ago from a drawing from another Morrissey fan. I had gotten permission from them to make this stamp and also made a stamp for that person as well (I can’t remember if it was a female or male Moz fan!) I planned to also use the screen to do up some notecards and hopefully I can get the paint off the screen as I did not clean it right away (bad Gocco owner! BAD!) I tried to pick a color that would work well with both the blue onesie and the orange shirt. Not sure how successful the green is but hey! It’s done now!

I decided to wear my commercially bought Morrissey shirt in solidarity! HA!

Vitamin Z!

I got me some Zack love on Tuesday!

Oh yeah and Tammy came over too!

And gave some love to Skippy too!

Gangsta Sienna! (She put the cap on herself like that!)

And this is what we got when we tried to get them together to take a photo!



My in-laws are big fans of Obama’s, having lived in Chicago for several years. Needless to say they were quite happy he won the election and stayed up on election night to watch all the coverage. They asked me to send them some memorabilia and this is one of the shirts I sent. I got it from an Etsy seller, 57 thirty three . I forgot to take photos of some of the other stuff I sent like another shirt, a tote bag, a button and a hat (and also this pin I made). I have to say, he’s one of the most marketable President’s we’ve had!

Elmo Makes Music!


Saturday we took Sienna to her very first show, Elmo Makes Music! at the Wamu Theater at MSG. Needless to say, Sienna had a great time! We picked to go to the 10:30 show because we figured early morning was best. I’m glad we left on the early side because we had train trouble and made it to the show just in time. We got stuck at Dekalb Avenue because of train congestion on the bridge. Then we stopped again on the bridge. Normally, it wouldn’t be as aggravating but trying to keep Sienna entertained in one spot is not an easy task! She was sitting on Yves’ lap for the first half of the train ride. Then she wanted to be with me so we switched seats. Not five minutes after she sat down with me, I felt a warm wet sensation on my leg. I was confused at first as I haven’t felt a warm wet sensation on my pants for a very long time (HA!) then I realized that Sienna’s diaper was leaking! Grrrr!! We forgot to change her diaper before leaving and with the way she was sitting on my lap (her legs spread apart over my legs), I guess her stream went right out her diaper and onto my pants. I didn’t even realize the floor was wet as well until Yves pointed it out!

Well, that incident did not mar the rest of the day as it went smoothly after that. We debated whether to bring the stroller and decided to bring it after all. We grumbled when we had to check in our stroller but that whole process went amazingly smooth! The show was fun! It started pretty much on time then there was a 15 minute intermission at 11:15 and the show ended around 12:15. We were hoping she’d nap on the way back but that didn’t work out! Of course she started getting sleepy when we were about a block away from home. She ended up not taking her nap after all but we put her to bed early when that happens. Overall it was a pretty good experience and something I wouldn’t mind doing again. (Circus anyone?)

Daddy with dry pants! Sienna has that “I’m waiting to pee for when you sit here!” look elmoexciteblog.jpg
Such excitement realizing what she was seeing!
The cast -  it’s most of Sesame Street so I don’t know why Elmo gets such top billing!
They were selling these obnoxious balloons during intermission. Sienna wanted one but we talked her out of it and got her a stuffed Elmo instead.
Oscar and Rosita!
Elmo’s World!
Bert in a Saturday Night Fever skit. Guess this was for the parents, it made me laugh!
Baby Bear and Big Bird!
After the show with her new Elmo doll
Eating her spinach pizza!

Shopsin’s and Sweets!

Wednesday I met up with Pete (poor Joy couldn’t break away from work!) for lunch at Shopsin’s. I vowed NOT to get the sliders again because I wanted to try something different. Pete got the sliders tho. I ordered a shrimp po’boy and chocolate egg cream. It was quite yummy. The entertainment wasn’t as colorful as my first visit but fun just the same. The people that sat on both sides of us were very nice and friendly. One side was an older woman with his son that has been going to Shopsin’s every Saturday for brunch for I forgot how long. They gave us a few of their favorites items but of course I forgot. I was so excited to be back there again, I forgot to take photos of the food! Arggh!! Since I forgot to take pictures at Shopsin’s, I took photos of everything else I got that day. We stopped over at Roni-Sue’s chocolates (they also have bacon covered chocolate!) and I opted to get BaCorn (caramel popcorn with bacon & chile pinon nuts) and one of their homemade lollipops. I couldn’t convince Pete to go in with me on Bacon buttercrunch.


We also stopped by our favorite cupcake shop, Sugar Sweet Sunshine and I brought home a pistachio and spicy pumpkin to share with Yves.


And a stop off at Economy Candy yielded this:

And in case you think your eyes are playing tricks on you, they are not! Yes! That is Pop Rocks candy in chocolate!! I can’t wait to try it!

And yes, I do have a major sweet tooth but to my credit, that time of the month is here so I think I went extra crazy! 😉

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