As I mentioned in the previous post, I met up with Tammy late Saturday afternoon to go see Cirque du Soleil Kooza.  Tammy bought the tickets back in October and this was to celebrate our birthdays (2 days apart), Christmas and just for being great moms. Knowing we would be early birds, we went for the 4 pm show.  I’ve never been to a cirque show and didn’t really know what to expect! It was quite fascinating! Lots of acrobatics and clown acts. It really was quite entertaining although I did get chills during what we ended up calling the ‘spineless act.’ Two young ladies who could bend in ways you never thought a person could bend. My favorites were the wheel of death and teeterboard (see the description under Acts in the above link). Photography wasn’t allowed inside but I did take a shot to show how close we were to the stage. The whole arena was pretty small, I thought it was going to be huge buidling. I’ve never been to Randall’s Island so I hadn’t a clue! We took the water taxi up and it was a pleasant ride! Afterwards, we had dinner at Jackson Hole and got stuffed!
The ride up:
Roosevelt Island to the right

The tent

The stage

And the ride back!

A Summer day during Spring!

This weekend the weather was like summer! Dare I say I thought it was too hot! Especially Sunday! Saturday we decided to head over to Marine Park with Sienna and her bicycle. We also brought Skippy along. Well, I wasn’t surprised that the ‘bike riding’ didn’t last long. Yves just pushed Sienna as we were trying to get Sienna to understand the pedaling part. It will take some time. It might have lasted 10 minutes, if that! We stopped for a snack and then Yves took Sienna into the playground and I lugged the bike and Skippy back home. Skippy made a few friends! Later that night, I met up with Tammy to go see Cirque du Soleil at Randall’s Island. I’ll write about that in another post!

Nice Weekend!

The weather was so nice this past weekend, it’s such a bummer that it’s going to rain the beginning of this week! Friday night we usually have date night but my dad had a cold so could not babysit. We decided to all go out for a family meal at the local Japanese restaurant. It was very nice! Yves got his usual sushi and I got a whitefish katsu bento box to share with Sienna. She really enjoyed the shrimp tempura!
They gave these special chopsticks to Sienna. I don’t know if I am the right person to be teaching Sienna how to use them correctly!
Grabbing for the shrimp tempura!

Then on Saturday we decided to go to Sunset Park to the playground and then have a little picnic with Bahn Mi sandwiches from our favorite place. Yves always gets the original and I get the chicken and an order of summer rolls where Sienna picks out the shrimp. Well, they didn’t have any summer rolls so decided to get her a meatball bahn mi. They are so cheap! Lunch for 3 under $12.
Relaxing with daddy

Here is an amusing video of Sienna eating part of the sandwich on her own. E-mail or leave a comment if you don’t have the password!

Sienna Eats a Bahn Mi from Lisa on Vimeo.

Lunch at Geneva’s!

Last Thursday, Geneva was kind enough to invite me and Sienna over for lunch along with Starr and her kids and Yan Lin and her son. It worked out well since the Little Gym was closed for Spring Break so our Thursday was free! It turned out to be a beautiful day! I brought over some chocolate lollipops (I had a lot!) and Geneva made pizza and Asian Noodle Salad and rice krispy treats and Starr baked some chocolate chip cookies. YUM!
A part time little sister perhaps? LOL. Sienna really likes Sylvie!
Sienna was really jamming with the guitar! Bopping her head around like she was really playing!
Dessert time! Can’t you tell?
Phoenix enjoying some chocolate!
Sienna chowing down on a chocolate chip cookie! (And wearing one of Nico’s crocs!)
AND some rice krispy treats!
Geneva and Sienna

Sienna doesn’t usually have so many sweets but it was a special occasion so I didn’t care! We didn’t get home until about 2:45 pm and Sienna fell asleep pretty fast in the car. Once home, I put her in her crib and that only lasted about 30 minutes! It was a fun day!

Where Has the Day Gone?

Tuesday was the April mixer and that was the title of my mix. I made chocolate lollipops to give out in lieu of making a cover for my mix. Sienna sort of helped me with some of them by putting the sticks in. You could see that on Shuggy’s blog. I bought the edible food writer pens to add some color and details but I was very disappointed in how they worked. As in, they didn’t work very well! That’s what I get for being lazy!
This was a mold for covering sandwich cookies. I couldn’t resist the cute animals on them!
It did get a bit messy!

We met up at the Ace bar at first but it was so crowded and I think they were having some event there. So after the first drink, we hightailed it outta there to a more quiet bar down the street. I think it was called Sophia’s. Me, Brenda and Joy met up beforehand to grab some dinner and we intended to go to Porchetta’s, there wasn’t any room (super small) so got indian food instead (which was delicious too!)

I have also uploaded my mix so if you are interested in downloading it, let me know and I can send you the password! Here’s my setlist:
No Dice    Beirut
Feel Flows    Beach Boys
Bag of Hammers    Thao
The Lion & The Teacup    Bishop Allen
The Great Defector    BellX1
Best Imitation Of Myself    Ben Folds
Gay Peace    The 1900s
Spiralling    Keane
Go Full Circle    Dah-Veed
Sister I’m A Poet    Morrissey
Girls & Boys    Blur
The Size Of A Cow    The Wonder Stuff
Crash    The Primitives
Calcutta    Hopewell
Tattva    Kula Shaker

And here’s a funny photo of Brenda and Joy playing the shooting game at the second bar!

Rasta Skippy is gone!


Finally took Skippy in for a long overdue haircut on Tuesday! He looks like a completely different dog!

2 swaps

Big surprise, I am still behind on my blog posts. In my quest to keep off the computer and not get sucked into it, my blog gets neglected. So I’m going to try to make this quick post about some recent swaps I’ve done. A fun one that I was excited about was March is Craft month swap. You make a different item each week and then send them off to your partner. Actually, I have not sent mine off yet as my partner seems to be having trouble with swap-bot and her address is incomplete. (I actually have her full address written down but want to wait to hear from her!) I started off making this super cute Noriko purse from Lazy Girl Designs. My first time doing something of this design and I’m so proud of myself for sewing on a curve well! I have sewn on a curve before, or rather, attempted to sew on a curve before and my results were not worth bragging about! So I guess I just need practice!norikobag1blog.jpgnorikobag2blog.jpg
The inside was a glittery red fabric. Seems kinda plasticy but the label said 100% cotton.

My partner likes owls so I crocheted this owl ami from the Lion Brand site.

My partner also loves pink and purple so I wanted to make something with those colors and found this simple wallet pattern. I got a little confused with the instructions so I don’t even know if it’s correct. (I think the pockets are wrong!)

I had gotten these dangles by accident on an order and was told I could keep them (!) so since I’m not a gold person, I’m glad I could use them for swaps! My partner likes Winnie the pooh so made this pendant.

The second swap I’m writing about is the Colorific Tote swap. You make or buy a colorful tote and fill it with things with the colors red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, brown and black. Some stuff I bought but here are the things I made:
This is a market tote from bunny bum. I love how she set up this tute!
I carved her a stamp using the orange material from PZ Kut.
Her husband is a Marine and she said she is very patriotic so I thought it would be cute to crochet this USA magnet using camouflage yarn.
And here is everything all packaged together. I know she received the package earlier this week but she hasn’t rated me yet so I hope she likes it! I made her a set of coasters using leopard print fabric (a favorite of hers) and I forgot to take a photo of it so you can only see it in the upper left of this photo.

Tommy and Maureen get married!


Ok, this actually happened on the 4th and am slowly getting back up to date! Tommy is a friend of mine from back in the old drinking days. I met him through my old roommate, Peter, whom I don’t even talk to anymore! Tommy is a great guy and am very happy for him and Maureen. Maureen is great too!

We took Sienna to the church ceremony at Saint Rose of Lima. She was great! This is her 3rd wedding but the other 2 she was relatively young. She was so amazed and curious about all the sights in the church! When we were at the reception everyone commented about how well behaved she was at the church (I guess they didn’t hear us shushing her every few minutes as she kept singing!) The photographer even mentioned what a cutie she is!

The reception was at Douglaston Manor and we made it in time for the cocktail hour. The appetizers weren’t bad and there was even a hot dog cart! There was a nice view of the city. The actual dinner was eh. The staff seemed a bit unorganized. Half our table was eating their pasta dishes while the other half were waiting for there’s because they ran out! And then they ran out again so we got like the bottom of the barrel pasta. I ordered the filet mignon (not bad, edible) and Yves got the salmon. Of course, knowing Tommy, there was open bar and I admit that I indulged a bit. I even got Yves to dance twice! Unfortunately we had to leave before they cut the cake (they really stretched out the evening) because  we were concerned about my dad staying so late. We got home around 11:30. I had a nice time and didn’t have a hangover the next day!

Sienna singing!
Maureen was going around taking photos of everyone!

Grandma March Visit

Some cute photos of Sienna and Grandma that I wanted to post before I forget about them! It’s amazing how fast Sienna has grown!


Happy Easter!


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