A month of solids

Yep, Sienna has been eating solids for a little over a month now. I called the ped. and he said I can give her an extra feeding of solids (from 2x to 3x)! I can give her some yogurt, some pureed chicken mixed into something else (or turkey) and then eventually ground meat!! Wow! That makes me a little nervous but I’ll get over it. I need to get some ice cube trays so I can start making my own bananas and sweet peas for Sienna to eat. She really likes sweet potatoes but everytime I look at them at the store, they are just so funky! LOL.

That’s her pal, Tito Turtle next to her.

The fall weather is finally here and Sienna is ready!

Auntie Tammy and Uncle Mark sent Sienna a Halloween card. She promptly puts it into her mouth!

Last week Sienna also got a cold for the first time! I noticed she was sneezing a lot more than normal during our music class and her nose was runny. Poor thing! By the time Yves came home, she was pretty stuffed up. We gave her a bath in that vapor bath stuff for babies. I ran out to the drug store and bought like a bunch of shit for her. Chest rub, saline drops for her nose (I used that bulb squeezie thing!-needless to say, she’s not a fan of it) and this battery operated vaporizer that’s supposed to help her breath. We were prepared to have a restless night but she was pretty good. There were a few times she cried out. The first time, Yves went into her room to soothe her and she fell back to sleep. All the other times, she went back to sleep on her own. By the next afternoon, she was already getting better! We went to Target and I bought a humidifier for her room. I’m not sure if that really did anything but by Wednesday, she was fine!

Mosquitos are HELL!

satan is at coney island, originally uploaded by luluvision.

I wasn’t going to blog about this originally because, really, who wants to remember mosquito bites? But I decided to document this because this has happened to me before, maybe even last year, and always at a time when it shouldn’t happen so it’s least expected.

Yep, I got mosquito bites. Yep, its the end of October! There was a lone mosquito in our bedroom Friday nite. As usual, I was watching some TV in bed with the headphones on while Yves is snoring away beside me. I hear buzzing. I was annoyed but not overly pissed as I must have been delusional in thinking that I was going to make it through the night bite free. I decided to go to sleep. I wanted the night to be over as soon as possible.

I woke up about 2 hours later to more buzzing and an itchiness on my hand. GRRRR. That’s the 2nd worst place to get a bite, in my book, with the eyelid the first (yes, that has happened to me). I went to the bathroom for some cortizone. Yves was semi awake when I got back and I told him about the mosquito. He even heard it! I huddled under the covers as best I could. I was awoken every few hours that night with a few more bites. I think I got about 5. I was glad the night was over….but not the biting!!

Saturday afternoon me and Sienna were hanging out in the bedroom keeping Yves company while he covered up the AC for the winter. I realized I got bitten again! Then I noticed a welt on Sienna’s forehead! That bastard bit my baby!! I cursed the bugger and ran out of the room with Sienna. It was a crappy rainy day so we really didn’t venture out. Hence I might have gotten one or two more bites. And I do believe I heard it buzzy around Saturday nite too. I didn’t get as many bites because I was literally under the covers the whole night.

Sigh….that bastard has got to be dead now! It’s like 40 degress outside today!

Crash into my arms

Crash into my arms, originally uploaded by luluvision.

I went to see Morrissey last night at Hammerstein. I can’t believe I almost didn’t go! Brenda had extra tickets so me, Robyn, Alison, Francis and his wife snatched them up. I met Alison and Robyn earlier for dinner at The Dish in Chelsea and then got to the venue a little after 8. I didn’t care much for the opener, Kristeen Young. Moz came on at 9 and played for an hour and 40 minutes!! Here’s the setlist I got via brooklynvegan:

Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before
Billy Budd
All You Need Is Me
Irish Blood, English Heart
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
Human Being
I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris
That’s How People Grow Up
Jack The Ripper
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
The Loop
Sister, I’m A Poet
Stretch Out And Wait
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself?
Death Of A Disco Dancer
Dear God, Please Help Me
How Soon Is Now?

First Of The Gang To Die

I was so excited that he played Sister I’m a poet and Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself? 2 of my fave Moz songs. The show was awesome! I didn’t bother trying to sneak a camera in so I thought I’d mark the event by taking a picture of Sienna in my old concert shirts. I wasn’t crazy about the shirts last night plus they were $35!!

the quintessential Moz look

the “mom these shirts smell like the 90’s!” look


We finally got an umbrella stroller and I put it to use last week and went on the subway! woohoo! Those who know me know that riding the subway with Sienna is not my favorite thing. It’s part laziness (all the stuff to bring!) and part anxiousness (what if something happens and it’s just me and her!) But just like driving, the more I do it with her, the easier it will be. And this stroller makes it so easy because it is soooo light!! So we went to meet Diana and Dakota at Union Square last Thursday, had a Thai lunch and hung out in the park.


Sienna likes to reach for things and grab whatever she can get her hands on nowadays, including my necklace, my hair, Yves’ chest hair and glasses. We’re trying to teach her how to pet Skippy. It’s still a work in progress!




Over the weekend, we went into the city (yes, again! Can you believe it?) to Madison Square Park. They were having some kind of autumn celebration for kids. We mostly just hung out on the bench and listened to the kid’s band play.



And check it out! 2 of Yves’ pictures of Kagero made it onto a local magazine website and one on the cover of the actual mag! woohoo! The magazine is called 24 Seven. Click on the featured story “Asian fusion for the ear: Kagero rocks Brooklyn’s Bar 4” to see the other picture.

Hmmm, what does this taste like?

Me and Sienna have been taking a Music Together class in Bay Ridge and had about 4 classes now. At first I wasn’t sure if I should do it since I already sing and dance for her all day long but I’m glad I did. It’s nice to have a constant place to go to every week and nice to hang out with a bunch of other moms and their babies. Sienna is actually the oldest baby in the group! I find it funny that she’s constantly looking around at everyone while every other baby is looking at their moms. She does look at me too but she really enjoys looking at everything else. I don’t blame her, if I had to stare at myself all day long…LOL! I finally took a couple of pictures this week at class. Of course when the instruments come out, they go straight into her mouth.



will she go for it?

of course she will!

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Thanks for following us over to the new blog location! I had trouble with one of the scripts in the Movable Type program and thought it would be fixed once I updated the program but I was still getting the same problem. So we are now using a new program that my web host supports so you should not be getting that terrible gray page that says my site has exceeded it’s CPU blah blah blah!

So I thought I would start the new version 2 with a cute picture of our sweetheart!