Dim Sum Sans Sienna

Saturday, me and Yves went to Dim Sum at the Golden Unicorn. This is our first outing together, into the city, without Sienna. We’ve been out without Sienna but usually remained in Brooklyn, a quick walk or car ride from her. My parents were watching her and I honestly was not worried about her. Pete brought Meredith with him, whom we have not seen for a couple of years! Aaron and his wife Drea came, whom we have not seen in over a year and Brenda and Lynn came. Don’t worry, I saw Brenda last month! haha! Anyway…

Meredith was a total dim sum newbie so of course we teased her with the delights of Chicken Feet. Newbies are usually grossed out about this (and oldies too as Yves has yet to try it) and she already proclaimed at the beginning of the meal that she was not going to partake in the eating of Chicken Feet.
That’s Meredith eating Chicken Feet. 🙂 After I announced that the sauce was really good today and Meredith agreed, Pete dug in too Pete agreed so Meredith dug in too. Now Pete can say he’s had it 4 times.

Aaron is not grossed out by Chicken Feet nor is Brenda.
No, that is not Brenda eating a chicken foot, it’s on her plate. She’s saving the best for last. HA!

I was so proud of Meredith for eating the chicken feet that I took a picture of her eaten foot!
But!! Upon closer inspection of this foot, I noticed there was not much eaten of it after all. HAHA! I should have taken a picture of my foot and you can then see a properly eaten foot (bones only). HAHA! Well, I can’t fault her! At least she tried it and it really is all about the sauce. I meant to take more pictures as I didn’t get any good eating pics of Drea or Lynn. Well, now that we have taken a little break from monthly dim sums, maybe it is time to bring it back again. So there will be more opportunities of eating pictures!

We did not go to bubble tea with Pete and Meredith, an after dim sum tradition, because Yves was in pain. The night before he stubbed his big toe really bad. It got all black and blue and swollen and he wasn’t even sure he would make it to dim sum. It’s a good thing he’s got his Keen shoes as they are wider in the toe area. Poor thing was wobbling along in the streets of Chinatown, the old men and women were passing us by! So he didn’t want to be on his feet for too long so we went home to our lovely daughter (who has a swollen right eyelid-poor thing!)


  1. jungy
    January 28th, 2008 | 3:38 pm

    Yeah, Mer got a little grossed out upon the first few nibbles (like myself the first time I tried it) so she left most of it….I didn’t completely clean my bones either for that matter! But the sauce was really good.

    Oh, and for the record, I grabbed the chicken foot first, and then by glorious peer pressure, Mer also decided to have one. ; )

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