We didn’t do much over the holiday weekend. 2 of the days were really cold. We’ve started the Let It Go project otherwise known as the Why Do We Still Have This? project. I joined a Brooklyn freecycle group on Yahoo and already got rid of, I mean, passed along my old Orange Handspring (still works!) and original Nintendo Game Boy with attachable light. There’s another boxful of stuff I need to list as well. It takes a little more effort for this but it feels good that someone else can use this stuff and not fill up the landfill.

I’m checking e-mail!
Sienna’s checking her e-mail!

That’s Neo!
That’s Neo!

Yo Yo Neo!
Yo Neo, what’s up! Want the snowman’s scarf?

That looks like fun!

It is fun!

Sienna had her 10 month check up last week and she grew an inch since her last check up at 8 months! It surprisd the doctor because he said usually by this time, they don’t grow much in length. She’s gonna be a tall baby!

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