Da Andrea

I went out to dinner with Theresa last night to Da Andrea. I forgot my camera so no pictures! I really, really wanted to go to Sapore but they lost their lease. I was totally bummed because I was really looking forward to their homestyle Italian cooking and cheap prices. Well, I decided to try Da Andrea’s because I remember that Joy was raving about that place for awhile. I ordered the warm octopus salad with potatoes and olives. The octopus was good but I wish there was more of it. And there were way too many olives. I ate a few of them and there were still at least a close dozen left on my plate. There must have been a special on olives. Theresa ordered the grilled calamari salad and hers was really good. I wish I ordered that one! It had a nice amount of calamari and a nice salad with it. For entreé I ordered homemade cavatelli with shrimp and salmon in a light pesto sauce. There was a nice amount of shrimp in there and frankly, I almost forgot there was salmon in there. It was little pieces. I don’t know what possessed me to get pesto sauce since I’m not entirely a big fan of it but I wanted to try something different. Theresa got the artichoke ravioli and she said it was good but nothing fantastic. Of course I was stuffed because of the bread basket and I’m such a bread whore that I ate all the focaccia. And I was a little buzzed from one glass of red wine!! That was good! All in all I was not terribly impressed with the food. I wonder if it’s because I expected more since Joy raved about it so much. The food was good, wasn’t fantastic and it’s likely I won’t be craving that place. Oh well. It was good to see Theresa and catch up with her.

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