Getting Hooked!

I have successfully finished 2 crochet projects, amigurumi animals I got from the Lion Brand website. I like those patterns a lot better than the first patterns I got because they tell you how many stitches are in each row so you can count to make sure you are on the right track. I’ve lost interest in finishing the hats for the snowball family (as Yves calls them).

crochetsnowmanblog.jpg I don’t think I even took a picture of the complete family. Anyway, I was so happy when I finished the snowman!

So I made the bunny.

Everybody likes the bunny…




And bunny likes coffee!


And Sienna is watching Martha Stewart so she can start her own crafts. Or multimedia empire!

Oh how sweet!


For the holidays, I did a lot of pretzel related treats. I made a lot of chocolate covered pretzels for Yves’ co-workers, the ‘band’ and the neighbors. I made paper snowflakes out of origami paper to cover up the containers. I wasn’t really thrilled with them so only did them with Yves’ co-workers. For the tops, I printed out vintage Christmas ads.


I also made a butterscotch crumb apple pie. I was curious about how butterscotchy the crumbs were going to taste. At first, I didn’t really taste it. It’s subtle and I suppose it’s better than it being overpowering.


I made more pretzel treats for Liz and her family and this time included the candy cane kisses because I know she’s a fan of peppermint and chocolate, just like I am. Plus I forgot how to make peppermint bark.


And I made some ice cream with the maker Yves got me for Christmas! I only made half the recipe because the full recipe sounded like too much for just us. Yves was very good about making ice for a couple of days because you need 8-10 lbs. We found rock salt at the supermarket (the same as the sidewalk rock salt when it snows). It wasn’t as hard or complicated as I thought!


This is what it looks like after churning for 40 minutes. It’s supposed to stop automatcally but because I didn’t use the full recipe, I stopped it myself. It didn’t taste bad! A little too sweet for our tastes tho but now I can revise it for the next batch. I originally put more ice and rock salt around it to harden the ice cream but Yves said why not put it in the freezer? So I did! The cover is a pain tho because it doesn’t snap closed.


Happy, Happy!

Happy 2008 everyone! We didn’t do any crazy celebrating, hell, we weren’t even awake when the ball dropped! I don’t mind really but I am looking forward to the time when Sienna is old enough to understand about New Year’s and have someone actually be excited about it! HA! I took this picture of Sienna yesterday and it just cracks me and Yves up!

Get this bow outta my hair!

The bow is from her cousins and I quickly put it on her just to see how she would look in it. She didn’t really like it but ‘posed’ for me while I took the picture. I really think she knows about the camera as a second before this shot, she was fussing with it!

This chair is also from her cousins and of course, she gives it a bite! She’s wearing a dress from her other cousin, Gaby.

Fun with Daddy

Fun playtime with Daddy. They are both back to their usual happy, playful self. It was nice having Yves home for 2+ weeks! It’s back to work for him today!

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