Baden Baden

Last night we had a band meeting at Baden Baden, known for their fried chicken. It’s different because they take a whole rotisserie chicken and fry that. Quite delicious! We rounded off the meal with chopped steak and pig’s feet. We were all reluctant about the pig’s feet (except Joy) but when Joy explained it more to us, we figured we’d give it a try. It really isn’t as intimidating as it sounds and didn’t taste bad at all. It actually looks like something you’d get at a banquet dinner. I’m pretty sure it’s what it is! Tammy did not partake in the pig. She didn’t find it looked appetizing and didn’t want to risk throwing up! HAHA!

I apologize for the crappy pictures. I gotta remember to take the better camera for these food shots. Plus I’m so excited to dig in! And these pictures do not do the food justice!

The famous fried chicken
The chicken comes with a choice of fries or onion rings. We didn’t care what we got since it seems like an afterthought so Pete picked fries. I’m glad he did! They had a nice seasoning on them and were nice and crisp. There was also garlic cloves in there, I’m guessing fried with everything and it was yummy!!
I enjoyed the steak, it wasn’t overcooked although the sauce wasn’t really special.

Here’s the pig’s feet. See, doesn’t look so bad, right? We were originally thinking of the actual hooves. LOL!

Pete’s preparing his section to get ready to dig in!

Joy’s enjoying the pig’s feet!

The aftermath.

Nobody touched the salad minus a tomato by Tammy. The white cubes are pickled radishes, which was quite good!

Tammy’s belly is full with more than just food! 😉

The funny and strange thing about the restaurant is the loud dance/hip hop music in there. We had to repeat ourselves a couple of times and try to talk over the music. They certainly didn’t rush us out of there after the dishes were cleared. I would go there again!

And on a totally unrelated note, when I was tooling around the city yesterday, I happen to walk down Broome Street in search of Papabubble to check out. I passed a building with a couple of cop cars outside and maybe about half a dozen or so paparazzi. This was probably between 4:30 and 5 pm.I wondered which celebrity they were stalking and was going to walk back down Broome toward Broadway but decided to be the jaded New Yorker and took another route on my way uptown. Turns out the building was where Heath Ledger lived and died. I was so shocked he died and saddened and now spooked out that I walked by the building his body was in!!

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