Skippy needs a hug!


Here is Sienna giving Skippy a hug. This was last week. He needs mega hugs this week as Tuesday he went into the vet to get some things done. First, he got 4 teeth pulled! They were rotting, poor thing. Then he had 3 growths removed, 2 small ones on top of his head and 1 big one on his left back paw. The vet never actually explained what they were and I forgot to push him on it as I am curious. He just told me we might as well get them removed while he is under because they could get larger. And the last and major thing he got done and the thing that made me most guilty is, we got him fixed, poor thing. He was having lots of accidents in the house, even though we let him out during the day to release his bladder. The vet said because he isn’t fixed, his prostrate gets enlarged and can’t hold large amounts of urine and/or he can’t release all his urine at once (I forgot which or maybe it is both reasons).  The first thing I said to him when I picked him up was to ask him if he was mad at me. He was so out of it, it didn’t matter. And he has to wear the cone on his head until Sunday to keep away from the sensitive area. Poor thing. Send him a virtual hug!

Sienna pointing out his cone head.
He’s giving me the ‘look what you’re putting me through’ look!


  1. February 3rd, 2009 | 2:24 pm

    My first cat was called Skippy! I hope he has fully recovered from the teeth pulling and growth removal!

    (Via swap-bot)

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