Fun with Pete


As I mentioned in the previous post, Pete came over on Saturday. Originally it was to cook a meal but we couldn’t figure out what to cook so instead just made ricotta cheesecake (the one I was going to make for the bumblebees). It was fun! The recipe is from Martha Stewart’s baking handbook.

Pete purees the ricotta.

I mix the egg whites which I screwed up and got a little bit of egg yolk in there and so would not stiffen.

Pete whisks the ricotta, egg yolks, flour and salt after I grate in some orange peel
which I used with the microplane my MIL got me (thanks Mummy! I love it!)
It’s ready to go in! Without Pete tho!

While we are waiting for it to cook, Pete has fun with Sienna!


Fun with Uncle Peter from Lisa on Vimeo.

And now the cheesecake is done!


Pete was making fun of the waffle marks I made while flipping it over. I’m just listening to Martha, she said to use another rack to flip it over!


Pete is deciding if he likes it or not. And he does! We figured out it tasted more like a custardy orange cake. It was good tho! And it worked out perfectly as he took 3 slices for himself and Nate and Mari for later. I had a slice, Yves had a slice and I took the remaining 2 over to Tammy and Mark on Sunday!

Pete and Sienna give each other a kiss goodbye. AWWW!!!!

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