I’m an old fart!


I went to see Girl Talk at Terminal 5 last night with Pete and Joy. Talk about feeling super old! More on that in a bit. We ended up having dinner at Ariana Afghan Kebab Restaurant upon Pete’s suggestion.  Not only was the food excellent but the service was super and friendly! We ordered the fried pumpkin and chicken wings for appetizers (the wings were a late addition via Joy and I can’t find it on the menu) and for entrees to share, we got homemade noodles (Aushe Burida), okra with lamb (Barniya Chalow) and Kebab CombinationII (lamp chop, kofta, chicken and lamb tikka). ALL delicious!! And of course the bread was so good!

Photo by Joy

We got to the venue a little before 9. Right away we all felt like old farts! I swear I’m pretty sure there were only a handful of people there that were probably the same age as us. The majority of them were probably born when I graduated high school. HA! I guess it’s only to be expected since GT is a guy born in 1981! We made it for the end of the 2nd opener, Grand Buffet. They made us laugh because they were so bizarre, corny and terrible. It was entertaining. Girl Talk came out right at 9:30. It was cool that he was mashing live but his set in the beginning bored me a little bit. I was trying to get into it. It got really good 45 minutes into it and I really was starting to rock it out. LOL. That’s around the time Joy took some funny pictures of me. He sampled Kelly Clarkson’s Since You’ve Been Gone and I went wild on that song for Yves. LOL. The crowd had been slowing pushing us back the whole time until we finally all went into the corner. It sounded like his set was ending soon so made our way closer to the front door by 10:45. We left shortly after that and got a taxi to the subway (hey, it was cold and windy!) And no joke, when we walked out of the venue, it looked like there were cars with parents waiting inside to pick up their kid! Oy!

As usual, it was fun going with Pete and Joy. Even if I got teased for trying to coordinate a specific time to leave beforehand! And for not having enough money on me. And for packing them individual slices of pumpkin bread I baked. And for rocking out to Kelly Clarkson.

I hate being sick!


I am sick. blah. I felt something coming on Sunday and 2 reasons I seriously wanted to nip it in the bud! 1. I didn’t want Sienna to get sick 2. Davíd‘s last Monday night Living Room show was the next night! So I took a nyquil and actually didn’t feel bad on Monday. Then Sienna sneezed. And sneezed some more. And her nose was running. Groan. She’s sick! So I gave her tylenol before her nap. Her nose was still stuffy and runny when I was leaving and it was so hard to leave her. She kept calling for me. But I knew she was going to be ok with yves. So off to see Davíd! I got there a little before 8 and I’m glad I did! He started early! So I got about a full hour of him! I really enjoyed the show (the place was packed!) but honestly, I liked last week’s set better as they were mostly his songs. This time he played a lot of covers (Dreaming by Blondie and Burning Down the House by TH) and they were great but I really wanted to hear his stuff. Well, he promised to be back again. I did bring my camera but since I was sitting near the back, I knew it would be a waste to take any photos especially after he told them to dim the lights. I know other people took photos and did a google search but only found one here. I was sitting right behind this person! While searching with google, I found this cool blog post about davíd that gives some background in case you are interested here.

After the show I headed over to meet Nuno, Brenda, Alison and Josh for the delayed September mixer at Stanton Public. It was good to have Josh back! He shaved his beard! And it was a nice time and Brenda baked brownies (not from a mix!).

Anyway, I am feeling a bit better today and the worst of it was yesterday where I kept sneezing and blowing my nose. The doctor gave me some antibiotics for my throat so I don’t pass it on to Sienna. Of course, she is all better now. She seems to get over sickness pretty quickly. Thank goodness! Now I just wish someone can take care of me all day! Now I have to wait to pick up my parents from the airport after 11 (a 2 hour delay!) Groan!

Davíd! Yay!

Davíd at Mercury Lounge August 2004

It’s funny how things happen! An old friend, René, started a new venture out in Los Angeles called Gourmet on Wheels. He kindly put me on the top of his links page and I reciprocated by putting him in my blog links and my website links. While doing so I decided to update the links, get rid of some and make sure the ones there are working. So when I clicked on Davíd‘s link, I was surprised and delighted to find that he’s doing a Monday night stint in September at the Living Room! (I was also perturbed that I only found out this way!) I finally made it over there last night after a free seminar at Noble Desktop. I’m so glad I went! Now I only wish I went the first 2 Mondays as well! It felt so good to see one of my favorite singers in an intimate setting like the Living Room. Felt just like old times! He played lots of old songs like Core, Isis And Osiris, Why Spy?, Soul Custody and a few others. He started at 8:20 because the band before him started late. Unfortunately, he only could play until 9 so I was bummed. Next Monday is his last show there and he promises it will be crazy. I’ll be there for sure!!

Celebration at Coney Island!


August marks the 4 year anniversary of the CD mix of the month group and we celebrated it in the daylight at Coney Island this past Saturday. What fun! Me, Robyn, Brenda, Alison, Carrie, Nuno, Alan and Gio were the attendees. Me and Robyn were the only ones brave enough to ride the Cyclone (Nuno was running late so he rode later). The Wonder Wheel was super (swingy) fun, the Freak show was goofy and not really so freaky (or maybe I’m just jaded?), the bumper cars were fun but I was disappointed Nuno couldn’t get on (the car he was in didn’t work and then all the cars filled up). There are more pics in my flickr here as I am too lazy to repost them here. I admit I was feeling a bit achy on the home later that afternoon but I would still do it again!


Beach Dance Mix

My July mix, some fun music to listen to on the beach. If you are interested in downloading this mix, let me know.

(1) Stayin’ Alive • N-Trance
(2) Come Go With Me (Remix) • Exposé
(3) Total Eclipse Of The Heart • Nicki French
(4) Beautiful Life • Ace Of Base
(5) Love To Love You Baby • Donna Summer
(6) I Wanna Have Some Fun • Samantha Fox
(7) Burning Up • Madonna
(8) Heaven Must Have Sent You • Bonnie Pointer
(9) Boogie Oogie Oogie • A Taste Of Honey
(10) One Night In Bangkok • Robey
(11) Sidewalk Talk • Jellybean
(12) Double Dutch Bus • Frankie Smith
(13) Pass The Dutchie • Musical Youth

Sugar & Spice

01. Feel No Pain • Sade
02. That’s How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart • Aimee Mann
03. Melt Your Heart • Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins
04. Killing Him • Amy LaVere
05. Baby Baby Baby • Aretha Franklin
06. So Alone • Juliana Hatfield
07. Ain’t It The Truth • The Gossip
08. I Feel It All • Feist
09. Shove It (Feat. Spankrock) • Santogold
10. Dickhead • Kate Nash
11. Slide in (DFA mix) • Goldfrapp
12. Paper Planes • M.I.A.
13. Send Him Back (Pilooski Edit) • The Pointer Sisters
14. Doing Alright With The Boys • Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Tuesday night was the June mixer and I’m glad I didn’t bail because I had a good time! It was just a small group of ladies, me, Joy, Carrie and Alison. We were originally going to have it at Mama’s bar because I heard about the Sour Patch Kids vodka! But at the last minute we changed to Bowery Electric because Alison’s brother was DJing. It was really such a nice evening and I did not even feel intimated by all the young, uber skinny models in the bar (Alison’s brother’s fiance was a runway model and she was bartending). Maybe I was just tipsy by then and didn’t care! HA! And I learned so many interesting things that evening! Like how all the females in Alison’s family look like Alison, Alison’s brother is socially awkward (he’s an actor), Carrie went on a date with Moby and lots of other things!

Jamie @ Bowery

Sunday evening I met up with Pete, Nate and Mari to go see Jamie Lidell at Bowery Ballroom. I was very close to bailing because as I mentioned, we were in a heat wave and there were supposed to be severe thunderstorms that evening. It wasn’t bad in the backyard earlier that day and had I realized how sticky and hot it was going to be in the house, I would have stayed in the blow up pool! In any case, I did go meet up with them and we had a drink at the Magician since Jamie wasn’t coming on until 10pm. We made our way over about 9:45pm and that’s when the storm was just starting. We just about made it to the venue without getting too wet but not before I let out a blood curdling scream from the crack of thunder that made Pete crack up.

Jamie came on around 10 after 10 and played for an hour before I called it quits. It was a good show and energetic, as he always is but I felt his turntable stuff went on a little too long. Even tho this girl behind me spilled beer on my leg, I had a good time and glad I made it out!

I’m With The Band

My May mix available.

01. So You Want To Be A Rock’n’Roll Star • The Byrds
02. I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band) • The Moody Blues
03. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It) • The Rolling Stones
04. Rock ‘n’ Roll High School • The Ramones
05. You Can’t Hold the Hand of a Rock and Roll Man • Okkervil River
06. Sing Your Life • Morrissey
07. Folk Singer • Brendan Benson
08. Sing • Travis
09. The Songs That We Sing • Charlotte Gainsbourg
10. Aretha, Sing One For Me • Cat Power
11. I Sing The Body Holographic • New London Fire
12. Double Bass • Gorillaz
13. The Guitar Man • Cake
14. Guitar, Talk, Love & Drums • Gary Myrick
15. Little Guitars (Intro) • Van Halen
16. Little Guitars • Van Halen
17. The Guitar • They Might Be Giants
18. She Bangs The Drums • Stone Roses
19. We Will Rock You • Queen

The Swell Season


Monday I went to see The Swell Season (Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova of Once) with Brenda at Radio City. I didn’t bring my better camera so I knew I wasn’t going to get good pics inside so I made sure to take a pic of the marquee. They played for over 2 hours! It was a good show albeit a bit slow for my mood and Glen Hansard talks a lot! I was a little disappointed that they didn’t play one of my favorite song songs from the Once soundtrack, Fallen From the Sky. But Pete pointed out that they must not have packed their Casio keyboard on tour with them. LOL. We left right before their last song and I read here that they had a standing ovation. It was a good show.


New obsessions

So last night I finally got to watch the movie Once (which just won an Academy Award for best song on Sunday). I loved it! At first watch, I thought it was cute and charming but as it sunk in, I started falling in love with it. I watched it again today with Sienna and while she was napping. I watched the extras and some commentary with the director and the 2 lead actors on a couple of the songs. I NEVER watch commentary! They will be at Radio City in May and I’m hoping to go. Now that they won an Oscar, they will be more popular than ever. Here’s the video of them performing the song at the Oscars Sundance (the Academy won’t let it be posted)! It’s a beautiful song!

Then on Sunday I finally got to meet eatsdirt aka Edwina who I “know” from flickr. She came over to take some vintage cameras off my hands. She was telling me about the “fight” between Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien, which I haven’t seen. She sent me the link to her livejournal that posted the video. It was indeed a very funny video, as you can imagine with those 3 guys. But in looking at her other posts, it was this video that drew me!

Cracked me up!

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