Jamie @ Bowery

Sunday evening I met up with Pete, Nate and Mari to go see Jamie Lidell at Bowery Ballroom. I was very close to bailing because as I mentioned, we were in a heat wave and there were supposed to be severe thunderstorms that evening. It wasn’t bad in the backyard earlier that day and had I realized how sticky and hot it was going to be in the house, I would have stayed in the blow up pool! In any case, I did go meet up with them and we had a drink at the Magician since Jamie wasn’t coming on until 10pm. We made our way over about 9:45pm and that’s when the storm was just starting. We just about made it to the venue without getting too wet but not before I let out a blood curdling scream from the crack of thunder that made Pete crack up.

Jamie came on around 10 after 10 and played for an hour before I called it quits. It was a good show and energetic, as he always is but I felt his turntable stuff went on a little too long. Even tho this girl behind me spilled beer on my leg, I had a good time and glad I made it out!


  1. jungy
    June 12th, 2008 | 2:53 pm

    Just reading about the scream made me laugh again! LOL.

    So glad you came out to join us-it was so much fun having you there!

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