Davíd! Yay!

Davíd at Mercury Lounge August 2004

It’s funny how things happen! An old friend, René, started a new venture out in Los Angeles called Gourmet on Wheels. He kindly put me on the top of his links page and I reciprocated by putting him in my blog links and my website links. While doing so I decided to update the links, get rid of some and make sure the ones there are working. So when I clicked on Davíd‘s link, I was surprised and delighted to find that he’s doing a Monday night stint in September at the Living Room! (I was also perturbed that I only found out this way!) I finally made it over there last night after a free seminar at Noble Desktop. I’m so glad I went! Now I only wish I went the first 2 Mondays as well! It felt so good to see one of my favorite singers in an intimate setting like the Living Room. Felt just like old times! He played lots of old songs like Core, Isis And Osiris, Why Spy?, Soul Custody and a few others. He started at 8:20 because the band before him started late. Unfortunately, he only could play until 9 so I was bummed. Next Monday is his last show there and he promises it will be crazy. I’ll be there for sure!!

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