Random Crafts

Here’s the completed box that you can see Sienna start painting here. Yves requested a box with a Spider Man theme to put his watches in. I could only find this wooden box with a mirror on top at the craft store so I thought putting a web on top would be cool. I used my Silhouette to cut the vinyl. I attempted to use the transfer tape but it actually made it harder!

Here’s the thank you card I made for Stan for sending Sienna the Wonder Woman doll and Green Goblin that made her so happy, as you can see here. I should have thought to take a photo of the writing Sienna did inside the card. I told her to write I love my Wonder Woman doll, love Sienna. It was all over the place so I also wrote in a translation. LOL

Some cards I made at a Stamping Meetup based on alcohol inks:
The butterflies were made with soda cans cut with a Sizzix die and the circle in the last card is a CD.

Some recent swaps:
This was for the silly greeting a flat item swap. My flat item was the mustache on a stick so I made the card for Something on a stick day (which was March 28th)
I carved this owl stamp copied from a certain popular stamp company catalog. I don’t remember what I made it for! I think it was for a group forum Winner Takes All.

For the Handmade keychain swap.
For the card wallet swap. My partner likes the V monogram so I used my Sizzix to cut out the letter. I also made her some swap cards and put them in.

For the pendant swap in the Zombies, Aliens, Vampires, Monsters and Robots group.

A pendant I stamped, which was partly for the Spring Lucky Parcel swap

These 2 were part of the Eggy Spring Swap with a twist. The twist is that you have to put 6 little treats in eggs or egg shaped. I ended up making felt egg pockets. We got 2 partners so there is one for each. The top are felt brooches and the bottom are upcycled baby food bottle caps turned magnets.

This was for the Woodland Creature with a Moustache swap. I also made the little pom pom tail.

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