Sheng Wang with Joy and Brenda. Everything was so good!
Boiled dumplings (bought a bag of frozen ones for home)
Oxtail noodle soup with fried egg on top. The oxtail was disappointing but everything else was good!
Brenda got tendon with spiced egg, tendon was the way to go!
Joy got pork chop over her noodles, she wasn’t thrilled with the pork chop.
We were delighted to find meat in the fish balls. So good and I also bought a frozen bag for home.

A couple of weeks ago, went on a date night with Yves to Sally and George’s Place. The food was good but the experience was a little less desirable. There was a table nearby where the father was hacking phlegm every few minutes and the daughter, aside from sounding like a 12 year old, never seemed to learn about having an inside voice so I heard about her philosophy of life throughout dinner. Oh fun.
Assorted appetizer plate.
I got lamb over rice
Yves got kafta kebab

I met Tammy and Co (Alison, Stephanie and Jen) for brunch at Bubby’s. I was so looking forward to the homemade corned beef hash! It was a disappointment! Too much red peppers and it overwhelmed the whole thing. Tammy got Eggs Benedict, Alison got boiled grapefruit and shrimp and grits, Jen got pancakes and Stephanie got an omelet. The smallest girl at the table suggested we get an order of french toast with bananas and berries for all to share! My kinda girl!
Both Alison and Tammy are due any day now so I expect to hear about a new addition to their family very soon!!

I also met Pete for lunch a couple of weeks ago. We went to Veselka’s. My camera battery died and the extra one I carry with it was also dead! HMPH! So I only managed to get one photo of my Ukranian meatball sandwich with sweet potato fries. It was ok. I prefer the italian meatball way. You can also see in the corner of the photo the order of short rib pierogies we shared. That was awesome!!

So if you don’t think I’m a glutton already, here’s the last one to round out the latest food outtings! I’ve been attending a monthly poker night (altho so far we haven’t actually played poker!) with some local moms but this month we had to rearrange schedules and couldn’t get a room for poker. So we decided to go out to eat to Il Fornetto‘s this past Friday. I was very close to bailing out on it because Sienna was sick all week with a fever, throwing up and throat infection. Yves even called in sick on Friday since Thursday night was really tough (I ended up sleeping on the floor of Sienna’s room, which I don’t usually do ever! This might be the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve done so in her 4 years!). Yves encouraged me to go since I’ve been cooped up in the house all week and since it was local, I did go. I’m so glad I did. It was a fun evening with the ladies!
My order of lamb scallopini, one of the specials of the night. Very yummy and the lamb was tender!
Jana got chicken cardinale
Shirley got filet of sole
Daniela got caesar salad because she already ate dinner
We all shared 2 orders of warm chocolate cake. MMMMM

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