Please Touch

As mentioned in earlier posts, we went to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia a few weekends ago. We decided to make a weekend out of it and booked a room at Crowne Plaza Hotel, chosen because of the indoor pool (which ended up being close for renovations! GRRRR!) Anyhow, lots of photos were taken so I’ll keep the words short. Pete joined us for the trip and it was great fun to have him with us. The museum totally rocked, the building majestic and I would definitely recommend this place and want to go back!

On to the photos!
Pete was a good crayon assistant to Sienna in the back seat
The sign outside
The beautiful ceiling (I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo of the building, which is beautiful)
They had a few of these cutout head bodies. Lots of fun!
Water Area
These clouds and rainbow were above the water area, I loved them!
This cracks me up!
They have an awesome Alice in Wonderland area!
We played with blocks for a little bit and Sienna enjoyed knocking down all our blocks.
These were taken downstairs in the “city” area. I don’t remember why they had a vespa there. Sienna found this dog in the house area and played with it what felt like forever! This was also the area where Pete’s video was taken of the shopping. There was also a hospital but we did not go in there.
There was also a section of old stuff and I really thought the typewriter was cool!
They also had a display of retro toys (not in the same area as the old stuff). I had to take a photo of this because we had one when I was younger.
Waiting in line to shoot a “rocket”
Shooting the rocket!

There really are so many photos I am not posting. I ran into some old friends at the museum (small world!), me and Sienna rode the carousel, Sienna ate a hot dog for lunch and we went to Dalessandros (recommended by a friend) for cheesesteaks! MMM!

And of course, I have to show Sienna wearing the 4 shirt I made for her for her birthday (which she did not want to wear on her actual birthday but the day after!)

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