January crafts

So here is a little back story about this shirt. I was flipping through the Threadless book and saw this shirt, which I immediately thought was perfect for my friend Joy. I believe it was listed in the book as coming out in 2004 or thereabouts so I assumed (wrongly obviously) that it was no longer in print. And I knew my silhouette machine could do this. So I made it for her. I do feel a tang of guilt that I did not buy this in support of small time designers but at least I’m not selling it or anything!
These were for the Cure My Sad Mailbox swap. We had 5 partners to send to!

This was for Send Your Handmade Specialty. I used this pencil pouch tutorial from noodlehead (added an inch in height) and made a butterfly applique using a stencil and my ColorArtz. I love how it came out! Must make some more!

This is for the Something Scavenger Hunt. My partner lists 5 things and I pick two. I chose something handmade and something with stars.
This coin purse was using yet another tutorial from noodlehead. I totally screwed up on the tab. I had a snap but it was my first time using the snap applicator and I totally botched it up! So I ended up cutting it with my pinking shears so it wouldn’t fray and glued on velcro instead. I now have a snap stuck in the snap applicator! Not sure if it is salvageable!
And this last one is a gift for Sienna’s friend, Alexis. Sienna told me to maker her a Dora necklace and she picked this image. Her card is here!


  1. February 3rd, 2011 | 2:44 pm

    […] Oh well, we’ll have to go back! Here are the soup dumplings with Joy sporting the shirt I made her! Spicy Beef Noodles. Gotta ask Joy the name of this again. So good! Not that spicy since Yves also […]

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