Miss Social Part 2

As I mentioned in Miss Social Part 1, Sienna’s social calendar is better than mine! Part 2 consists of some playdates she had. The first was during Christmas break. I was so happy to get out of the house after the big snowstorm! We trekked over to Eli and Costas’ house and I was super surprised that I didn’t hear any whining from Sienna on the 10 block walk. I usually get a “I’m tiiiiiired of waaaaaalking” after 2 blocks! I think trudging through the snow made it fun for her. Antoinette and Frank were wonderful hosts. We ended up staying for several hours and had dinner there too! We all had a great day! Sienna fell asleep on the sofa when we got home.
(notice the yummy treats in the foreground? Frank is a chef at the Ritz!)
Milk break!

Sienna got an unexpected Friday off of school in early January so we went to another classmate’s house, Alexis! Alexis LOVES princesses! So Sienna was really delighted that she had princess outfits to dress up in. Alexis wore hers for 5 minutes and I had trouble getting Sienna to take off hers when we were leaving! Another great playdate!

Princesses sing Itsy Bitsy Spider from Lisa on Vimeo.

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