Last month the band was able to get together for a meeting at Hill Country Chicken. I was really interested in trying their pie shake but was a little turned off with the pie shake of the day, apple cheddar, so did not get one. I’m sure it would have been delish but I couldn’t get past cheese in my shake! Anyway, I got the Mama El’s recipe, some coleslaw and a large cheesy fried mashed potatoes to share with the table. The chicken was good but the cheesy fried mashed potatoes stole the show! Besides the addition of cheese adding to the goodness, there were fries in it! That might not sound exciting to you but then when you taste it, you are filled with this euphoria of goodness. The fries were crisp and not mushy. Although I got a large for the table, I’m sure I ended up eating the majority of it (I’m sure the dirty looks I gave off as my band mates tried to reach for it had nothing to do with it!)
Tammy had to jet after dinner but the rest of us took a walk over to Eataly, read so many things about this place! I kept being drawn to the imported chocolates, they are packaged so cute! So expensive though! I did feel the air filled with a bit of pretension but that could have just been my own emotional state feeling like a tourist in there or because my belly was full of chicken and I just felt like a fat fart walking around! HA! Yves calls me a foodie and I’m all about the good eats but I also want to be satisfied after I eat without spending a fortune. I guess I’m a cheap foodie, which brings me to the second part of this post!

Soup dumplings in Chinatown! Yeah! Finally! Been craving this since our planned soup dumpling outing got snowed on! I decided to try Shanghai Garden after seeing my friend Cindy’s Facebook status that she just went to her favorite soup dumpling place! We went last month on probably the coldest day in the year! But hey, it wasn’t snowing! So overall everything was delicious but I do have to say my least favorite was the dumplings! Strange! I don’t know if it was because we got the order of dumplings last after we ate everything. Usually they ask you what kind you want (pork or crab) as soon as you walk in and it’s the first thing you eat. It was pretty busy in there and it’s a small place so I don’t know what happened but we ended up getting it last. Plus Joy ordered 2 crabs instead of one of each (reviews say the pork is better than the crab.) Oh well, we’ll have to go back!
Here are the soup dumplings with Joy sporting the shirt I made her!
Spicy Beef Noodles. Gotta ask Joy the name of this again. So good! Not that spicy since Yves also ate some!
Scallion Pancakes
Shanghai Rice Cakes! MMM! How I missed you! Sienna liked these too.
eek! A broken dumpling!
Not pictured, the mock duck we got (mushrooms wrapped in thin tofu.)

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