I am so done with 2009!!

Here’s hoping that the start of 2010 is better than the ending of 2009! December just didn’t seem to be my month. The beginning of the month saw my problems with my teeth (as written about here and here) and now ending with this cough that I can’t seem to shake for the past week! ARGH! I know, there are worse things that can happen but really, this is not how I wanted to end the year! I have another update about the voodoo dentist (as I started nicknaming her) because I had to see her on Monday but I figure I would just whine about 1 thing this post. The cough is most annoying at night as it keeps me up and I get concerned that it wakes Yves up. I took Nyquil one night (the first night back from vacation) for the actual cold. That was over in a day. The next 2 times I took Nyquil (in order to knock me out and be able to sleep), Sienna acted all wacky both times, calling no screaming for Mommy at the top of her lungs in the middle of the night. Still not sure what that is all about (there’s an issue with a new nightlight I bought for her. It’s too bright but then she wanted it on. One night I shut it off before I went to bed and she screamed later on that night. Another night, she didn’t seem to have fallen asleep and told me the light is scary (after I told her earlier that day that the scary monster might be attracted to the light. Sigh. You can’t win.) My cough had been a dry cough but last night I started getting a sore throat again from all the coughing! Argh! And last night Sienna was acting all wacky! Turns out she had a slight fever and I eventually ended up sleeping on her floor in her room to appease her. The humidifier in her room actually helped my cough! I still coughed but not as much. Sigh….Is it 2010 yet?

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