Pain update

Continuing with my saga, I went to the dentist for part 2 of the root canal on Wednesday. Remember I was in pain? Well, apparently, my back tooth (next to the tooth originally worked on) got infected and she went in there and had to do a root canal. So, I got 2 root canals in 2 weeks. The gum pain? It’s a lesion on my back tooth and because I told her it hurts me to swallow, she wanted me to see an oral specialist to get it checked out because I’m leaving for a trip. And when she went in to look at the gums, she touched the sensitive spot, not once but TWICE even after I cried real tears of pain when she touched it the first time. She said “hmmm, that’s weird.” Do you really want to hear anyone in the medical profession say this after looking at something that hurts you??

The oral surgeon agreed to squeeze me in on Thursday. Well, what a turn around. This dentist I could almost say I LOVE. He was friendly, introduced himself, shook my hand. Answered all my questions, told me everything he was going to do and he took his time with me. Even in the waiting room, he had come out and approached a man (who was ahead of me) and introduced himself, apologized for the wait and told him he just wanted to let him know he knew he was waiting there and will get him in as soon as he could. Who does that??? If this was a cartoon, you could see hearts fluttering out of my chest.

Anyway, he tells me the lesion is due to trauma to the area. I said what? He believes it’s a scratch from something I ate like maybe a chicken bone (er, I don’t eat chicken bones). And if he’s right, you should be gone by the time I come back from my trip. I don’t fully believe his reason for the trauma since even before the root canal, I always favored my right side for chewing hard things. The more I think about it, the more I feel it got ‘traumatized’ during the root canal. Hmph. In any case, he prescribed me topical medication to put on twice a day. I am much happier today than I’ve been since this all started! I truly believe I will soon be able to eat whatever I want on the trip! woohoo!!

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