Root canal = pain. This post is just a reminder to myself about the pain. I had a root canal many years ago and apparently that dentist did not get all the root out so it started acting up. Due to insurance, we have a different dentist that referred me to a different specialist. Right off the bat, I did not care for her. She wasn’t a terrible or mean person, just not someone that made me feel warm and comfy about a root canal (not that you can feel as warm and comfy about getting a root canal!)

I wasn’t terribly worried because I did not recall much pain for the first root canal. I wonder now if I just blocked it out. Now, this pain wasn’t a “I’m going to die” pain. For goodness sakes, I gave birth without any drugs! The difference with this pain and the birthing pain was that I knew the birthing pain would come to an end once the baby popped out. This pain I was unsure. At first I thought any pain would just be for a day or two. After a few days passed and the pain felt worse, I wanted to cry. It’s one of those throbbing constant bits of pain. Like a tease. Pain, ease, pain, ease, pain, ease. The 600 mg of Motrin was not working.

The procedure occurred Thursday and when the numbness wore off, I thought I could handle it for the night and did not take anything. Friday it was the constant throbbing and I finally relented and took the Motrin. It took 2 hours for some of the throbbing to ease up but it never fully eased up. Saturday, more constant throbbing and more Motrin. Sunday it felt like it was getting worse and not only that, my gums in that area were sore! WTF?

On Monday morning, I called the dentist and the assistant that answered told me it was all normal. Great. I’m thankful that later that day, I went to the library with Sienna and spoke with some people. One is a friend’s mother that works for a dentist and one is a pharmacist. They both told me to call back and get Tylenol with codeine. And I was told to rinse with salt for my sore gums. I did just that. Got the tylenol with codeine and within a half an hour, I was in pain free heaven. I was also feeling a little loopy but I didn’t care. Ahhh…it lasted 6 hours. I took more tylenol and I’m waiting for the pain to go. I waited…and waited… it wasn’t working!! The only difference from the afternoon was that I had already taken a motrin before getting the tylenol. No time to be strong, I popped motrin in too. I went to bed after that and I guess it kicked in because I fell asleep.

Tuesday my tooth was actually pain free but I wasn’t. MY GUMS WERE KILLING ME! Waah!!! It felt like it was traveling down to my throat because it was hard to swallow on that side of my mouth. I knew they were healing tho, it was that sort of hurt before the healing pain that I know when I get mouth sores (usually from biting my tongue or cheek)

Today it’s back to the dentist so she can fill it in. I’m hoping everything is ok and that all this pain I’m going through is normal. I’m a little annoyed at the dentist because she made it sound like there shouldn’t be much pain (at the end of the procedure, she told me, ‘eh, if there is pain, talk the motrin.’ Wouldn’t that make you think there shouldn’t be much pain?)

I now officially hate the dentist (honestly, I never hated the dentist, it wasn’t always my favorite visit but I never hated it.)


  1. December 9th, 2009 | 4:54 pm

    I am so sorry you have been in pain for so long! I feel terrible that you were hurting while we were trekking around in the cold rain on Saturday. yuck!

  2. Jungy
    December 9th, 2009 | 5:48 pm

    This sounds more like a problem with the particular dentist and the situation, rather than root canals in general. Everyone’s teeth are different, but when I had one I definitely didn’t have that kind of pain after the procedure (or even during, in which the worst part was getting the needles of novacaine). After this is over I would suggest you find someone else through your insurance plan, as the dentist really doesn’t need to be such an unpleasant experience. I hope this situation improves quickly for you.

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