We finally got an umbrella stroller and I put it to use last week and went on the subway! woohoo! Those who know me know that riding the subway with Sienna is not my favorite thing. It’s part laziness (all the stuff to bring!) and part anxiousness (what if something happens and it’s just me and her!) But just like driving, the more I do it with her, the easier it will be. And this stroller makes it so easy because it is soooo light!! So we went to meet Diana and Dakota at Union Square last Thursday, had a Thai lunch and hung out in the park.


Sienna likes to reach for things and grab whatever she can get her hands on nowadays, including my necklace, my hair, Yves’ chest hair and glasses. We’re trying to teach her how to pet Skippy. It’s still a work in progress!




Over the weekend, we went into the city (yes, again! Can you believe it?) to Madison Square Park. They were having some kind of autumn celebration for kids. We mostly just hung out on the bench and listened to the kid’s band play.



And check it out! 2 of Yves’ pictures of Kagero made it onto a local magazine website and one on the cover of the actual mag! woohoo! The magazine is called 24 Seven. Click on the featured story “Asian fusion for the ear: Kagero rocks Brooklyn’s Bar 4” to see the other picture.


  1. Auntie Liz
    October 24th, 2007 | 3:18 pm

    Yep, those umbrella strollers are the best for the subway, and the straps are yummy!! . Sienna is getting so big… sitting up like a big girl what a cutie patoutie!!

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