Mosquitos are HELL!

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I wasn’t going to blog about this originally because, really, who wants to remember mosquito bites? But I decided to document this because this has happened to me before, maybe even last year, and always at a time when it shouldn’t happen so it’s least expected.

Yep, I got mosquito bites. Yep, its the end of October! There was a lone mosquito in our bedroom Friday nite. As usual, I was watching some TV in bed with the headphones on while Yves is snoring away beside me. I hear buzzing. I was annoyed but not overly pissed as I must have been delusional in thinking that I was going to make it through the night bite free. I decided to go to sleep. I wanted the night to be over as soon as possible.

I woke up about 2 hours later to more buzzing and an itchiness on my hand. GRRRR. That’s the 2nd worst place to get a bite, in my book, with the eyelid the first (yes, that has happened to me). I went to the bathroom for some cortizone. Yves was semi awake when I got back and I told him about the mosquito. He even heard it! I huddled under the covers as best I could. I was awoken every few hours that night with a few more bites. I think I got about 5. I was glad the night was over….but not the biting!!

Saturday afternoon me and Sienna were hanging out in the bedroom keeping Yves company while he covered up the AC for the winter. I realized I got bitten again! Then I noticed a welt on Sienna’s forehead! That bastard bit my baby!! I cursed the bugger and ran out of the room with Sienna. It was a crappy rainy day so we really didn’t venture out. Hence I might have gotten one or two more bites. And I do believe I heard it buzzy around Saturday nite too. I didn’t get as many bites because I was literally under the covers the whole night.

Sigh….that bastard has got to be dead now! It’s like 40 degress outside today!

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