A month of solids

Yep, Sienna has been eating solids for a little over a month now. I called the ped. and he said I can give her an extra feeding of solids (from 2x to 3x)! I can give her some yogurt, some pureed chicken mixed into something else (or turkey) and then eventually ground meat!! Wow! That makes me a little nervous but I’ll get over it. I need to get some ice cube trays so I can start making my own bananas and sweet peas for Sienna to eat. She really likes sweet potatoes but everytime I look at them at the store, they are just so funky! LOL.

That’s her pal, Tito Turtle next to her.

The fall weather is finally here and Sienna is ready!

Auntie Tammy and Uncle Mark sent Sienna a Halloween card. She promptly puts it into her mouth!

Last week Sienna also got a cold for the first time! I noticed she was sneezing a lot more than normal during our music class and her nose was runny. Poor thing! By the time Yves came home, she was pretty stuffed up. We gave her a bath in that vapor bath stuff for babies. I ran out to the drug store and bought like a bunch of shit for her. Chest rub, saline drops for her nose (I used that bulb squeezie thing!-needless to say, she’s not a fan of it) and this battery operated vaporizer that’s supposed to help her breath. We were prepared to have a restless night but she was pretty good. There were a few times she cried out. The first time, Yves went into her room to soothe her and she fell back to sleep. All the other times, she went back to sleep on her own. By the next afternoon, she was already getting better! We went to Target and I bought a humidifier for her room. I’m not sure if that really did anything but by Wednesday, she was fine!

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