Got it while it was good

Sienna was out sick from school all week. Turns out she had the flu even tho she got a shot. She woke up with a fever 4:30 in the morning on MLK day. I gave her some ibuprofen, her fever went away and she was back to her normal self. Goofy and silly! I was ready for her to proceed to a normal school week, her body was not! She woke up with a fever 3:30 in the morning on Tuesday. Yves wanted me to call the doctor, I kinda poo poo’d it at first but then just ended up bringing her in anyway. Good thing I did as she tested positive for flu! Well, long story short, she had been taking Tamiflu (hates it) and is a lot better. I hated that I needed to give her separate meds for her fever and then when she started getting stuffy and coughing, separate meds for that! I guess if all weeks, she picked a good week to be sick, it’s been in the teens all week (and it snowed a bit today!)
Anyway, the main reason for this post us that I’m happy I was able to have 2 date nights last weekend! Friday with Yves for Indian food at Panna II. (Photos from my Iphone and posted via my Iphone!)


Saturday with Joy! First we went to get massages on Mott St. and dinner at Shanghai Cafe Deluxe.




And a stop at Sugar Sweet Sunshine! I was too full to eat a cupcake so I bought some home.



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