Ellsworth, ME

Yves had to go to a GS conference in Chicago in July for a week, leaving the day before MY BIRTHDAY! So, instead of wallowing at home without him, I decided to drive up to Maine to hang out with Geneva and her girls. Remember we went to visit them last year during Hurricane Irene. I was hesitant at first for a couple of reasons.
1. Driving all that way by myself. Got spoiled being the navigator and seeking out restaurants to stop at and hotels with pools, on the go with my Ipad. Not a fan of fast food so stopping at the rest stops to eat wasn’t appealing.
2. Sienna had been driving me nuts the past few months with her attitude, whininess and defiance. Typical 5 year old stuff and still pale in comparison to some others of her age range but again, got spoiled by her usual easy going spirit of her younger years.

Well, finally just decided to go for it and I’m so glad I did. The drive to and from Maine were very pleasant and we both got along very well. I even rented a movie that I downloaded onto my Ipad just in case it was needed. It was not! (And hence, I let it expire as I wasn’t aware it did so after 30 days!) I broke up each trip into 2 days because really, what was the rush? And Sienna loves staying in a hotel with a pool. Plus, she had a real good time having a constant companion to play with between Phoenix and Lennox!

On the way up, stopped in Manchester, CT for gas and since it was lunchtime, ate at a Friendly’s (who doesn’t want ice cream too?) And by luck, there was a shopping center across the way with Michael’s AND Joann’s fabric! Wooohooo! I researched the night before for a midway point and stayed at a Holiday Inn in Seabrook, NH. Investigated some dinner options online and decided on Galley Hatch Restaurant, where I had the best clam chowder ever!! I also had their shrimp and scallop pizza on gluten free crust! It was pretty good!
Chunky, creamy clam chowder!

While in Maine, we got to go to the Children’s Museum in Bangor. It’s actually called Maine Discovery Museum and it was really very nice! Sienna would have stayed longer if she could!
Goodnight Moon Room
Charlotte’s Web pig

On my actual birthday, Geneva took the girls for the day and told me to go enjoy myself. I spent about 2 hours browsing a store called Marden’s, sorta like the closeout store Amazing Savings but bigger! Then I went to Bar Harbor, a cute little waterfront area with little shops and restaurants. Very touristy but still cute. I had a lobster roll for lunch and treated myself to 4 scoops of ice cream from Mount Desert, the very same store President Obama went to! I got Mexican choc, choc raspberry, chili choc and Maine sea salt caramel. The Mexican chocolate was my favorite!
Some other highlights!
04. LightaMatch
Layne teaches Sienna how to light a match so she could light a smoke bomb firecracker!
Sparklers at night
07. Hiking
09. HikingFriends
Reaching the end of the hike (1.3 miles)
11. SwimLake
Swimming in a lake
Going to an Estate Sale (Geneva almost bought this doll house)
2 girls in 2 buckets (that’s Lennox on the left!)
Jumping, jumping and more jumping!


  1. Jungy
    September 4th, 2012 | 8:01 pm

    My gosh, S is looking so big in the Charlotte pig photo! Growing like a bean pole.

    Love the bucket photo. Lol.

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