The last weekend of August, we drove up to Maine to visit our dear friends, Geneva, Layne and their girls, Phoenix and Lennox. We almost didn’t go because that was also the weekend of Hurricane Irene. I am so glad we decided to go for it. It was nice to get away from the drama of the hurricane (subway closings, flooding, etc.). We missed the major part of the hurricane and only got some heavy rain in Maine on that Sunday.

We left that Friday, early in the morning – 6am! We stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Connecticut (my secret plan as I knew there was one up there!). It was pretty smooth sailing all day. There was one point we had to pull over and Sienna used the travel potty (the first time to use it too and we bought it in May for Myrtle Beach!), she just had to go. It worked out well. A cop pulled over behind us and we got nervous but when he saw Sienna, he told us to take our time. Whew! You never know about those CT cops as I always remember it was in CT that I got my first speeding ticket ($285!!)

We stopped off for lunch when we hit Maine and I got my lobster roll!! MMMMMM. Starr had mentioned to me about all the lobster shacks there are as you head up north and I found one! We went to the lobster claw in Saco, Maine. See how big my lobster pieces were?
Posing with the fisherman

We made it to their house around 4:30 and as you can see, Sienna made herself right at home with Phoenix and her friend, Delaney!

Let me say that Maine is a pleasure and such a different place! The girls played all afternoon, going in the house, going out the house, going next door to another girl’s house, etc. Since they all knew to stay out of the street, it was safe for them to play outside and up the street without having to constantly watch them. They don’t lock their doors! Having never lived outside New York, that concept is so foreign to me! Yves even marveled at how he saw a woman pull into a Target parking lot, left all her windows open and went into Target! Wha?! Anyway, I didn’t see much of Sienna the rest of that day as she was so busy playing with Phoenix. It was so great to see! Makes me miss them that much more.

Lennox getting in on the fun!
They had a ball jumping from the giant bean bag to the bed. They were doing this for awhile! Everyday!

Saturday, we went to the American Folk Festival! Food and music!
Too loud for Sienna!
So yeah, I was too busy eating to take photos of the food! Sorry! Here’s a list: pulled pork BBQ sandwich, mini donuts, chicken on a stick, root beer float and fried dough. Sienna got cranky because she was tired and it was humid out. We went into the neighbor’s pool to cool off (how awesome is Ann, her neighbor?!) but we didn’t stay very long as the water was really super duper cold and Sienna did not want to stay in.

Later that night, Geneva’s neighbor (Delaney’s dad), Matt, BBQed some seafood. Bacon wrapped scallops and salmon pinwheels. I made guacamole with tomatillos and Geneva made cole slaw and corn on the cob. MMM!
Matt did a great job and we went over his place later that night and took a walk around the block.

Sunday was the day the rain came, heavy at times. Geneva took the girls to a bouncy house place (sorta like BounceU) so me and Yves could go out. We intended to go to Bar Harbor, a touristy area by the water that is an hour away, but it really was pouring down hard so went to The Lucerne Inn instead. Their seafood brunch was very good!! I was so into the food that I forgot to take any photos!

Later that day my dear Geneva took me to the craft store, how can I say no? We left the brood sitting on the couch playing video games.

Geneva picked up these pirate mask to color for the girls.

Later that night, we took everyone out for dinner, a small gesture to thank them for the hospitality they have shown us.
We promised the girls ice cream so went to another place to get it. They had cute retro decorations all around the place.
They had a ton of ice cream flavors too. They mix it to order and I thought that was pretty neat. Unfortunately, Yves’ butter pecan was pretty flavorless but my creme de menthe and Sienna’s chocolate was delicious! And Phoenix let me try her tutti frutti too! That was also good.

The next morning, we started heading south toward home. We were going to take 2 days to go home so we can stop at one of the beach towns along the way. More on Salisbury, MA in another post. We went to a local bagel place for breakfast. Geneva turned me onto their apple cinnamon bagel. It was very delicious!
Her face shows the attitude I’ve been getting from her lately. Hmph indeed!
I finally managed to catch a photo of Lennox laughing!
Good-bye hug.

Earlier today Sienna told me she was sad because she missed Phoenix. I told her that I missed Geneva too so she asked me if Daddy missed Phoenix’ daddy, Layne. LOL! And how can I forget a photo of their cute puppy, Elsa?


  1. September 8th, 2011 | 1:49 pm

    it was a fun weekend! nice post honey..

  2. September 10th, 2011 | 1:51 pm

    […] grumbled the entire detour to this place but i have to admit that the food was very good. Checkout Lisas blog for a rundown of how the food […]

  3. carol menou aka grandma
    September 10th, 2011 | 9:49 pm

    I was looking forward very much to hearing about the Maine trip as I thought you guys might not have gone because of the weather. Good thing you decided to head out. You seem to have had a ball.. Tell Sienna I’m sure Daddy misses Layne…

    Much love

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