Halloween Fun!

Lots of Halloween fun over the weekend! First off, last Friday, we met Starr and Sylvie at the library in Bay Ridge for a special Halloween storytime and craft. I was afraid to let Sienna wear her Thor costume too much in fear of ruining it so Starr was nice enough to bring something from her stash.
The Dynamic Duo
I think it’s hysterical that Robin is taller than Batman! They look cute regardless!
They made paper plate ghosts (which was one of the crafts I had set up for the kids for Shirley’s party Saturday!)

And speaking of Shirley’s party, it happened on the day we got a freak snowstorm! Thankfully, we didn’t have far to go. I set up a craft table for the kids with pom poms and pipe cleaners, markers and crayons, glue and tape, etc. I made pasta salad and apple cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and apple cider cupcakes with apple cider cream cheese frosting with fancy Halloween themed cupcake wrappers that I made with my Silhouette SD. AND I FORGOT MY CAMERA!! Boo hoo! So no photos from the party from me! Anyway, the apple cupcakes were good but I didn’t get a chance to try the apple cider cupcakes! And the craft table was big hit with the kids! Even the boys wanted in on it!

On Halloween, Sienna’s class had a party and the parents were invited to come during the last hour. We got to see a little bit of what they do during school.
Her class sitting on the rug. There are 18 kids in her class.
Eating goodies from the party
Dancing and Sienna turns and smiles at me (awwww!)
Sienna and her 2 best buds!

This is why Sienna loves this song:

Later on that day, we went trick or treating with Emma and Leah, like we did last year. I forgot to take a photo of all 3 of them posed together tho! Darn! Where is my brain?

Just like last year, Emma and Leah were ready to go home after about an hour but Sienna kept wanting to ring more doorbells! LOL! That’s funny because she didn’t even eat all the candy she had gotten from last year! I guess she just likes to get free stuff like her mom! HA!


  1. carol menou
    November 8th, 2011 | 7:36 pm

    Nice photos of the kids. Kids do not do the trick or treat thing here and Halloween celebration for them is really low key.Its the adults who always have costume parties nd have a good time.

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