Trick or Treat!

Yves and I have both been sick this week so I didn’t have much energy to do the follow up about Halloween until today!

I took Sienna out trick or treating with our friend Jana, Allen and their girls Emma and Leah. It was the first time Sienna went trick or treating. We didn’t go last year because we went to the Halloween festival at Owl’s Head Park. She got the knack of it really quick! She would ring the bell, step back from the door and wait. Sometimes I had to remind the girls to say trick or treat but at least they said a lot of thank yous on their own. Sienna would zoom to the next house and be at the door before Emma and Leah barely left the last house! That cracked me up. She realized that ‘hey, I ring people’s doorbell and they give me candy! How awesome is that?!’ I was half expecting her to ask to go trick or treating the next day but she didn’t. Guess she understood that it’s a one time thing.

openup.jpg3trickortreaters.jpgeating.jpg I let her pick whatever she wanted from her stash and she picked pretzels as the first thing!
Check out her goods!


  1. jungy
    November 5th, 2010 | 2:59 pm

    Awww, this is bringing back fun memories of getting home and dumping it all on the carpet to sort it out. They all look so cute-I love Sienna’s coordinated coat and scarf!

    Oh, and hey Sienna- don’t let mom or dad tell you you won’t like a particular candy bar (like my mom did with Butterfingers to all three kids)…it’s a mean trick so they can have it themselves! LOL. ; )

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