Felt Addict!

I recently wrote about the megaton of felt I won and Sienna’s recent tea party obsession, which has incidentally died down. I’m sure she’ll be back to it but it’s fine for now since I’ve moved on from making faking felt food for her. I’ve joined a couple of felt related swaps on swap-bot and have become obsessed with looking for free patterns and tutorials for making things with them on the internet. Here is what I found but before I post them, here were the last couple of things I made for Sienna!

a frying pan from one of the patterns I bought from Gulf Coast Cottage on Etsy (I didn’t get around to the spatula yet!) and it actually fits this crochet fried egg I got from a tawashi swap (which I couldn’t find at the moment I was taking this photo.) The actual pan part is a bit heavy for the handle but oh well.

And the bagel I’ve spoken about

And here are the swaps (if you happen to be my partner, don’t peak! I just mailed these out today!)
This is for the fall felt fun swap. My partner likes birds and the color blue so I thought this was perfect. From Zakka life. I also included one of the fall ornaments posted below.
Buttons Brooch swap for my partner whose favorite color is purple. It came out a little lopsided but I still thought it was cute. The pattern is here. I totally forgot to use pinking shears to cut out the base heart but I love how the blanket stitch looks. I also included this brooch as an extra!
The pattern for this is here and she makes it as a hair clip.

Some misc. fall ornaments from a pattern set I bought from Prairie Point Junction. I probably could have done them on my own but at least I have a bunch of templates on hand. I bought Fall, Winter and Spring themes.


And my most prized piece only because I took the stuffie pattern (from flickr) and resized  it to my needs and it came out so cute!! For the Felt Brooch swap, my partner is a fan of Hello Kitty.
So freakin’ cute I might have to make one for myself. I almost didn’t want to mail it off so fast (I just made it last night!)so I could admire it some more. HA! It does look cute with my new HK wristlet I made the other day!

A big shout out to futuregirl, whose tutorials really helped me a lot and pointed me towards my now favorite knot! And you know what? I won a 2nd giveaway shortly after receiving my felt (I should have gone out to play the lottery!), a book called Fun Felt Crafts! I got the book earlier this week. It’s a cute book and I’m still looking through it. I was actually surprised that it was published this year as the book as a very vintage feel to it.


  1. Jungy
    September 11th, 2009 | 2:35 pm

    That bagel’s pretty hilarious. Where’s the lox? ; )

  2. Auntie Liz
    September 12th, 2009 | 1:02 pm

    AWESOME Lisa great job very very cute. Looks like fun to do too.

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