Tea Party!


Just this week Sienna has gotten into having tea parties (thanks to Yves, isn’t that funny?) Here are some recent photos from one the other morning.

As you can see, she is seriously lacking in some tea party food. The 2 cupcakes with the sprinkles on the right came from the tenants who gave Sienna their daughter’s old play house with oven, sink and washer. The cupcake with the strawberry on top was from a swap and the cake behind it I just made from a softies kit from Chronicle Books. I just got into felt and had ordered a bunch of felt last week. After this tea party phenomenon started, I ordered a bunch of felt food patterns off Etsy from Gulf Coast Cottage. I made a petit four for her last night and plan to make a bunch more things!


  1. August 24th, 2009 | 2:04 pm

    Sienna LOVES this game.. Rus Da Monkey looks great with his bib..

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